Free stories are available by clicking the links.


This Creature, This Creature, This Wonderful Creature (Featured on Pseudopod 538: Flash on the Borderlands XXXVII: Higher Beings Command)
Listen below


Rudimentary Peni|Death Church (FREE)


East (Prose poem in my chapbook ‘We are the Makers of Maps‘)

I Can Hear Them (FREE)

A First Kiss (FREE)

The Market of Siân yr Ogof

Calan Mai (Unpublished) – A teenage girl new to town encounters something unworldly on her first day out in a new town. Inspired, in part, by the works of my home town boyo Arthur Machen.

The Downfall of the Good Worker Laura McTavish (in my chapbook ‘We are the Makers of Maps‘) – The map is, most definitely, not the territory.


0605 (FREE) – Flash Fiction

1800, More or Less (FREE) – flash fiction

Din: published in Visiak’s Mirror (LINK) – Thoughts have consequences when they are set free. [Published as AW Hendry]

Begining (Unpublished) – We all have roles to play, whether we like it or not.

in these ways we remember (Featured in ‘We are the Makers of Maps‘) – Post-Lovecraftian-Apocalypse.

For What is Sweet and What is Right (Free) – Flash fiction inspired by the Wilfred Owen poem Dulce et Decorum Est (LINK)

The stories below are in my chapbook Hinterland.

Hinterland ecover


And the Filth Flows …Always – It’s allegorical, probably. (Also published in Xnoybis Volume 2 from Dunham’s Manor Press, available here.)

Blas am Byth – A Fragment (Free) – A wee piece of weird flash fiction.

Glen Dhearg – A short short story set in Scotland.


Men of the City (Free) – A short story written and submitted to Clive Barker on Deviant Art here.

The Dolly Doll (Free) – Winner of the second prize in October’s Cult of Me flash fiction competition.


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