Rudimentary Peni|Death Church

When I was an angry young punk (as opposed to an angry middle aged punk) the album Death Church by English anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni was extremely important. Along with the likes of CRASS, Oi Polloi, Zounds, & Leatherface, Rudimentary Peni changed my understanding of what music could be. There was/is something in the grating pain & rage of Nik Blinko’s voice that perfectly reflected my experience of the world and all its horrors.

The album, released on Corpus Christi records in 1983, features 21 short screams of anger coming in at a little of 1/2 an hour with the longest song being an epic 2:37. Not exactly a long album but one that has stayed close to my heart for nearly two decades.

I had the idea, last year, to write a literary tribute (of sorts) to this fantastic recording. I over the next few weeks I plan on writing a series of short stories, flash fictions, and vignettes based on the individual tracks from the album. I’ll post them all here as I write them (and will be revising and editing as I go) for you to enjoy or ignore. They will also, eventually, be available as an ebook and print chapbook.

Andy (W) Baader
03 November 2016

1/4 Dead