A couple of nights ago C and I went to see Laibach at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Laibach are a Slovenian art group / industrial music group that have been performing as dadaist interlocutors in culture and politics. Their détournements of popular songs -taking pop songs and subtly altering them to change their meaning or to expose hidden aspects of the pieces. A great example of this is Gebert Einer Nation their cover of Queen’s awful rock ditty One Vision.

They are, without a doubt, one of the most creative musical acts performing today -in my never so humble opinion. The show on Tuesday was absolutely amazing and reinforced my opinion of the band ever so slightly. They are the first band in a very long time where their show has felt life watching a piece of performance art rather than merely musicians playing on a stage. Everything from the demeanour enacted by the performers through to the spectacular visuals projected across the back of the stage. The entire show, from start to finish, was a work of audio-visual art.

They are currently touring their new album Spectre which is one of the most overtly political albums in the band’s long history. With no opening act the band started early performing the entirety of the new album before taking a short intermission, which added to the theatrical feel of the show no end, and returning to play some of their classics. Throughout the show we were cajoled and mocked by a pre-recorded emotionless voice telling us we were the best audience ever and reassuring us that the band loved us. A nice twist on the bullshit that touring band’s tell to audiences throughout their tours.

They still have a whole raft of gigs to play on this tour, click here for details, and I highly recommend that all of you go and buy tickets right away. You do not want to miss this show. Go, go and tanz mit Laibach!


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