It’s Hell Out There… la

When I heard that NBC were making a series based on Hellblazer I was somewhat dubious, to say the least, given the last attempt by an American company to translate the comic to the screen. Well the trailer has been released and, well, see for yourself.

See? It looks absolutely bloody fantastic! I had assumed that we would see an American cast in the eponymous role but no. We have Matt Ryan; who may be  Taffy like me but he does at least place John Constantine in at least the right geographical region of England. Unlike the god awful, but pretty, film version. This show looks dark, messed up, and funny as hell. Everything a Hellblazer adaptation should be. Whilst I am a little disappointed that it’s set in the States rather than the UK hell, you can’t have everything can you? 😉 Wonder how long it will be before someone tries to claim that the show is ripping off Supernatural… Right, I’m off to the comic shop to acquire the first two runs of Hellblazer. See ya later! 🙂


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