The Statement of Randolph Carter

Oooh, I just heard about a new podcast dedicated to weird and macabre fiction. Glee! Macabre Fantasy Radio will be presenting classic works of weird fiction in the style of early Twentieth Century radio plays. Their first instalment, Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph Carter, was recorded live at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in 2012. It is well worth a listen.

The Statement of Randolph Carter: [audio ]

Their second episode, Lovecraft’s The Temple, was performed at last years HPL Film Festival and went live on their blog a couple of days ago. Go check it out.

On the subject of Randolph Carter, one of my favourite of HPL’s stories, Mr Jim Moon did a special episode for the 100th instalment of his show Hypnobobs which featured a reading of the story and an extemely in depth, and very long, investigation into the story and its locale. All three parts of the 100th episode can be played below. More, many, many more, episodes can be found at Mr Moon’s Hypnogoria website. Enjoy. 🙂

Part One: [audio ]

Part Two: [audio ]

Part Three: [audio ]


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