Whit? Indeed. The world is a deeply odd place. Equal parts flabbergasting and horrifying. This is just a collection of some small parts of that weirdness, musing, rantings, pictures, occasional reviews and bits and bobs that tickle my funny bone.

I’m Welsh Andy btw. Welsh as that’s where I was born, and where I have hardly been for over a decade, and Andy as it sounds friendlier than Andrew, which my mother calls me. πŸ™‚

I’m currently studying archaeology at the University of Glasgow so you can expect to find the odd archaeological or educational piece here. I’m also a massive geek who watches far too much science fiction so there shall be sci-fi, oh yes! But not “SyFy”(I shall never forgive them Caprica let alone their killing of the Stargate franchise). Skepticism and rationality are also quite important to me; religion and assorted woo both frustrate and amuse me in equal measure. I can be quite acerbic when talking about religion, quackery and woo but hopefully the venom is tempered with humour. πŸ™‚