Ms. X and the Reverse Sexism

Was chatting to X, the smallest of the family strange, last night and she mentioned this ‘annoying boy’ who had sent her a private message on Tumblr. He was pointing out that she posts a lot of stuff about equality yet she also posts a lot of stuff about Orange is the New Black. The exchange went something like this.

Annoying Boy

You post all this stuff about people all being equal but you also post a load of stuff about Orange is the New Black and all the male characters are bad guys.

Little Ms. X

Not all the men are bad guys, John Bennett is a nice guy.

Annoying Boy

Well how am I supposed to like a show where there’s only one decent representation of my entire gender?

Little Ms. X

I dunno. Must be hard!


Proud? Oh yes we are. 😀

Game of Thrones

I’ve always been something of a snob when it comes to the cultural output of the United States; especially so when it comes to television and film. With a few notable exceptions, Seinfeld for example, most of the TV to come out of the US seemed crude at best.

Well, that was good wasn’t it? I’ve not read the books yet, although I get the feeling that by the time season 2 airs I will have done, so I can’t comment on how true the TV show stayed to the text. Given the size of the novel, and that the entire first season was a mere 10 hours, I get the feeling that they streamlined the plot somewhat. Continue reading “Game of Thrones”