Attacking Poverty by Attacking the Poor

According to the BBC the government are increasing the amount that a person can have docked from their benefits to £25 a week. That may not sound excessive if you earning around the national average of £500 a week but when you are getting  £53.45 a week, or £67.50 if you’re over 25, then that’s a massive whack.

Now the more reactionary, and slower of brain, of you will relish this claiming that people punished thus are ‘getting what they deserve’. And you will be, I believe the proper term here is, a twat for thinking that.

Now if someone has to try and live on £28.45 a week and there are no jobs to be had then what is the only other option to provide for themselves. Go on. Take a moment to mull this over.

See, I knew you would make it in the end.

Of course they try to link this all back to the riots. Which again makes about as much sense as letting the Catholic Church look after your kids. People are angry because they are being shat on left and right. because they live in poverty and have little to no chance of alleviating this, well they have one chance, so we’ll make their lives harder by pushing them further into crippling poverty. YAY! Here’s to lateral thinking!

Of the 1,350 people who appeared in court for their part in the unrest that hit the streets of England in August, 40% were claiming a state benefit of some kind, according to official figures.

So, that’s 60%, also known as the majority, of the people involved were working then. Oh wait, what’s this?

And 35% – 500 – were claiming an out-of-work benefit, compared with 12% of the general working population in England.

Soooo. A minority of the people involved were on out of work benefits then? Riiiiight. Twats.

The chorus says it all.