Sick of JK Rowling’s Shit

In which I faithfully transcribe a conversation between my partner, C, and our daughter, the splendiferous Ms. X.

Ms. X: I’m sick of JK Rowling’s shit.

C: Why, what’s she done?

Ms. X: She’s basically said that there are lots of LGBT students at Hogwarts, she just didn’t bother to, you know, mention anything about it. You can’t do that! I mean, what even is she saying? That there are queer kids at Hogwarts, but they’re polite enough to never mention it, or show it? What? I’m sick of her. I’m gonna email her and tell her that it only counts as having queer kids in your books if you actually bother to, you know, WRITE queer kids in your books.

It’s moments like this that make me exceptionally happy and proud. 🙂