Well, what to say. East Midlands Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is standing down and is to be replaced with this affable looking chap Rupert Mathews.

His website looks like pretty much any other middle of the road back bencher’s website. Nothing especially controversial unlike some of his fellow Tories. however when we look under the Books section of his page we are greeted with a rather lulzy sight.

Rupert, you see, describes himself thus

“I am a freelance historian who has written over 200 books, many of which have been published across the World in a variety of languages. I have appeared on regional radio and on national television.”

Wow, 200 books? That’s quite a prolific output. Especially the sheer creativity that must have been involved in some of his works. Rupert’s books include

Alien Encounters : True-Life Stories of Aliens, UFOs and Other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena

Bigfoot: True-Life Encounters with Legendary Ape-Men

Haunted Edinburgh

Haunted Hampshire

Haunted HerefordshireHaunted London

Haunted Oxford


Ummmm, hoookay.

Actually I don’t really mind these sorts of books. they’re a good giggle and everyone loves a good yarn or a good scare with a ghost story. Just file under fiction. Rupert however seriously believes this stuff and unfortunately on his business website the nonsense is mixed right in with factual historic books. I know nothing of the quality of these books, most seem to be aimed at kids, but given the nonsense he also writes I would seriously doubt the accuracy of the more down to Earth works. Which is a shame as he may be a thorough scholar in regards his other work and a great communicator for young people.

He also lectures for the ‘Metaphysical University”….

Which looks like a world of fun and, if any money changes hands, a massive con. Mind you, he IS a Tory so what do you expect? 😀 Representative democracy, dn’t you just love it?

Also if anyone can identify the music used on the above video please let me know in the comments.


What Makes Britain ‘Great’?

I’ve just been made aware of the poster campaign to remind us what makes Britain ‘great’.  Seriously? First off Britain has the lowest quality of life in Europe. Secondly? WTF??? This is a poster campaign designed to stir feelings of national pride with regards the fact that we have, through mere happenstance(and our parents doing the nasty), been born on a largish island off the north coast of Europe.

Which is pretty daft at best.

But to have a campaign that has as its central premise a misunderstanding of what the country you are supposed to be feeling proud in is called is the height of insanity!

Can’t these people even be bothered to check wiki-sodding-pedia before spreading their pish?

After the Old English period, Britain was used as a historical term only. Geoffrey of Monmouth in his pseudohistorical Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1136) refers to the island of Great Britain as Britannia major (“Greater Britain”), to distinguish it from Britannia minor (“Lesser Britain”), the continental region which approximates to modern Brittany.

Union Busting Lulz

A wee while ago a video produced by the American store chain Target was leaked. In the video, shown to all new employees, two members of staff and a PR man encouraged unions to avoid joining a union. It turns out that the two Target employees were actually actors(not really a surprise) and that they are both unionised. The irony, it hurts.

The original Target video

Interview with one of the actors