Free Speech, or Vomiting into the Liberal Abyss

Last week there was a brouhaha in the horror fiction community when known fascist David A. Riley (the A is important as there is another genre writer called David Riley who is, by all accounts, a good egg) was appointed to sit on the jury of the upcoming Stoker awards held by the Horror Writers Association(HWA). I wasn’t initially going to write anything about this latest incident as once members of the HWA were made aware of this enough of them raised objections that the matter was resolved. It wasn’t resolved neatly but that’s by-the-by and I’ll talk about that another time maybe.

What has inspired me to put fingertips to keys is a couple of things. Firstly the bleatings of liberals and those who consider themselves ‘libertarians’ (in the American sense of the word) in support of both Riley’s right to hold whatever beliefs he chooses and his right to be an active part of the horror community with those beliefs. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about ‘free speech’ and ‘social justice warriors’* who were oppressing the community and who were ‘the real fascists’.

Secondly it was an interview with David A. Riley on the blog of on David Dubrow, a writer from the USA. I get the feeling that the interview was supposed to show that Riley isn’t a fascist and that us lefties are just getting our knickers in a twist and are all crazy. It did neither of these things.

In this post I want to discuss, hopefully, briefly (and amusingly, to me anyway.) some of these positions before then looking at the Curious Case of David A. Riley itself. So, I would like to present to you: ‘Free Speech, or Vomiting into the Liberal Abyss’.

*incidentally, did you know that the term was originally used by us lefties to mock the twitterati and tumblrites who obsess over the virtual world yet do nothing in the real world? I really hate that right wing cocks have stolen it from us so now I’m simply reduced to swearing at people like that.

Free Speech,
or Vomiting into the Liberal Abyss


Gazing into the Abyss

The liberal looks down upon those engaged in revolutionary and radical political activity from its vantage point high above upon the moral high ground. From its lofty position it see that it can attain the perfect balance between opposing viewpoints, it can find the middle ground, as, to the liberal, all points of view are equally valid. They merely need to be weighed and balanced in order to evaluate what they contain that is of value. To the liberal, the pinnacle of pseudo postmodern expression, there is no right and no wrong. There is only ever the middle.

What the liberal does not see from its intellectually elevated position is that the high ground from which it issues its decrees, the summit upon which it wrings its hands, is naught but a pile of rotting corpses.

The liberal pontificates and presents itself as the voice of reason whilst irrationally defending the irrational and sowing the seeds of its own demise.

The liberal is inherently reactionary.


The Grand Theatre of Ideas

In the imaginings of the liberal ideas exist in a vacuum, a void, an abyss, that is completely disconnected from real life. In this black liberal expanse ideas are shouted into the echoing nothing never to reverberate against anything, nor affect anything that exists outside this peculiar social exceptionality. As ideas float around this liberal space-time they are all of equal value and deserve equal space to be heard. Ideas are equal in their inconsequentiality to the liberal.


The Sad, Sorry, Sight of Real Life

Unfortunately for the liberal their Grand Theatre of Ideas is as much a myth as any afterlife or Platonic ideal. Ideas are formed by people and as people act upon ideas so ideas act upon people. Some ideas add to the general happiness of the world. Ideas like: “It’s good to help one another”, or “we should cover ice cream in chocolate and tequila”. Ideas like these improve the world and make the world a nicer place in which to live. They serve to mitigate the harsh realities of getting by in a capitalist society.

Other ideas serve only to increase the amount of suffering in the world.


Speech as Action, Words That Burn Books

When certain ideas are seen to be socially acceptable, or even mainstream, then those who hold to those ideas gain the courage to act upon them. When newspapers carry stories supporting those ideas then those words, those ideas, will be acted upon. Without the ideas then there are no actions. Without the words spreading those ideas then actions do not spread. The ideas lead to words which lead to bombed out pubs, beaten people, and murdered kids.


Maintaining the Balance, at No Cost

The liberal believes that it is working tirelessly to maintain the balance of society. So that, when the day comes to pass, the feather weighs the same as the swastika. The liberal will stand bravely in defence of those who seek to do ill to the world, who wish to spread ideas of hatred and death. The liberal will stand bravely against those who ask that they not suffer hatred and death.


Tolerance is a Weapon Wielded Against the Workers

We must tolerate the intolerable proclaims the liberal. We must tolerate even the most odious of ideas and individuals. The workers must never act to defend themselves against ideas of suffering and pain. They must suffer all the tribulations of tolerance with stoicism and a stiff upper lip so that the liberal may look down upon its domain in contentment. Safe from the woes below, high upon its mountain, green with fleshy putrescence.


Self Defence is Oppressive

The liberal, ever fearful of anything outside the middle, sees all that is not of itself as equal and indistinguishable. For the liberal, left is as good as right as it careers blinkered down the central reservation of life. An act of self defence is as heinous as the instigating act of violence. Luke Skywalker is as bad as Darth Vader the moment he picks up the lightsabre on Tatooine. The anti-fascist fighter of the Warsaw Ghetto no different to the Nazi troops bombarding them with shells. All is equal, all is equivalent. The liberal strips all context from that which it observes and claims this as philosophical insight. The liberal would counter the terrorising of families and communities with strongly worded letters penned behind curtains drawn tight to the world.

David A. Riley

Now, to Mr David A. Riley.

David A. Riley is a fascist. He was a member of the extreme right wing group, The National Front (NF), which he left in the early 80s. He has, since then, done and said nothing to imply that he has cast aside his old ideology and has, as point of fact, said things that imply that he still holds these beliefs.

Before I go further I want to admit that yes David A. Riley is, in the grand scheme of things, of little concern to the wider world.  He’s a small time horror writer in the world of the genre small presses. However the small time horror genre press is a growing scene, and one that, if it wishes to continue to grow, needs to be open and inclusive. This can’t be the case if odious people like David A. Riley are tolerated and even defended by people within the community. The tolerance of fascists like Riley by the community is effectively saying that community does not want people of colour, Roma/Travellers, queers, trans-people, Jews, nor trade unionists involved as these are all people that are absolutely despised by fascists. Why would I want to sit in a room with someone who would see me and mine dead? Why would anyone?
Now I’ll go through some of the points from the interview with David A. Riley over on David Dubrow’s blog. Here’s the link should you want to go and see quite how insipid the questions and answers were before continuing.

On the subject of the National Front Riley says:

I joined in 1973. At that time it was widely viewed as a patriotic nationalist party with serious concerns about the high numbers of immigrants who were coming into the UK at the time. Amongst its members were a number of retired senior servicemen from the Armed Forces, clergymen, teachers and other professionals.

At that time  John O’Brien, a supporter of Enoch Powell, had just left as leader as the party had effectively come under the control of former members of the Greater Britain Movement John Tyndall and Martin Webster. Webster is on record as saying, in 1972, that they were setting up a “well oiled Nazi machine.” Webster who was at this meeting (LINK) with Riley in 1981.

When asked about current membership of the NF he says:

I resigned in 1983 and have not been involved since.

Well, this (LINKantisemitic bile was published in August 1983. So, given the long history of the NF with Nazism, Riley’s association with one of the main Nazis within the leadership of the NF and quotes like this

Lovecraft’s anti-semitism, it should be noted, was not based upon a well-researched knowledge of the part played by certain wealthy Jewish financiers, but on plain physical repugnance. The limitation, therefore, of his appreciation of what motivates Zionism, which he never mentions, is considerable.

I find Riley’s claims to have been unaware that he was a member, regional organiser, and parliamentary candidate for a Nazi party to be risible.

When asked if he is a fascist he replies:

No.  It’s an easy label to flash around, usually by those who are fascists themselves, particularly from the left. Fascists don’t believe in free speech and try to suppress it for their opponents. I have never in my life tried to do that. They are also prepared to use physical violence against their political opponents. I was never involved in anything like that. I would add that during the time I was involved in the party any member who associated with a neo-nazi group, either in Britain or overseas, faced expulsion. This, I can confirm, was enforced.

This is clearly tripe as the leadership of the National Front was composed of Nazis like Tyndall and Webster. The NF has also never been afraid of using violence against their opponents nor against instigating it when they did things like march through the largely black area of London, Lewisham, in 1977. When Riley was a fully fledged member and organiser for the party.

When Riley is so clearly lying about his past, when he is seen still supporting extreme right wing groups like Ataka, when he is still posting on nationalist websites, why the hell would we believe that he is no longer a fascist? He patently still holds to his beliefs and therefore should be shunned by any who want the weird/horror fiction world to grow and flourish.

Bollocks to David A. Riley. Bollocks to Fascism.

Some links for reference.

John Tyndall

Martin Webster

National Front

Greater Britain Movement

More on Riley’s Fascist past and present


Prometheus Bland

I went to see Prometheus

Prometheus shouldn’t have been a good film. It should have been a fucking fantastic film. With Ridley Scott directing and an absolutely cracking cast. However despite this and despite having some mind blowing special effects and an overarching plot that promises epic philosophical and ethical exploration it is let down sorely by one thing. Well, one thing and two people. The script and the people, Damon Lindelof and Jon Sphaits, who wrote it.

Overall the script was clunky and seemed to me to be a rehash of a rejected 1950’s B movie. The actors all deserve credit for managing to work their way through it as well as they did. The script is full of major plot holes, cod philosophy and so many basic scientific(and archaeological) inaccuracies that anyone with a high school education should have been wincing all the way through. Character development is nearly non-existent, aside from the character of David played by Michael Fassbender, so it is difficult to find any sympathy for any of the characters. The characters almost all act in a completely unfathomable way, even David who is the most developed character by far.

But it is the simple scientific, and archaeological, fuck ups that really irritated the fuck out of me. I’m not concerned with ‘realism’ when it comes to things that we don’t have today and so need bullshit explanations but when it is things that are available on wiki-fucking-pedia there is absolutely no excuse. Sorry, no fucking excuse.

For starters we are told that the crew have been asleep for a little over two years yet the nearest star to Earth is something like 4 light years away so they must have broken the speed of light to get there. A pretty remarkable advance for the next 70-80 years. But then we are told that they a visiting a galactic cluster that has a star in it around which orbits a planet with a moon. So the planet, sorry moon, we are visiting is in a different galaxy? And they got there in 2 years? And this galaxy, nay this entire galactic fucking cluster, only has one star with a planet? WTF????

Then there is the archaeological stuff that was just absurd. At the beginning of the film we are told that we are on the Isle of Skye at an archaeological dig. We see Noomi Rapace hard at work making a discovery and sending a fellow archaeologist to call Dr. Holloway, hereafter Annoying American Dude(AAD) ‘quickly’. Said archaeologist rushes out of the cave and shouts down the hill to AAD who is hard at work sieving some soil samples(meinne gotte! Some actual archaeology!). AAD quickly throws his sieve to the floor and dashes up the hillside because you have to be quick off the mark to catch archaeology… Anyway, AAD gets to the cave where Noomi Rapace has found a wall full of cave paintings in the style of Lascaux. “Have you dated it?” AAD asks, and here I am willing to suspend disbelief and accept that there has been some super fast and portable means of radiometric, or other technique, dating developed in the 80 years between now and then. The response though “Yes, 35,000 years”. 35,000 years? W.T.F??? The earliest evidence for human occupation in Scotland goes back maybe 10,500 years. 35,000 years ago Scotland, and therefore Skye, was under a sheet of ice a kilometre thick. It was uninhabitable. Also bear in mind that the paintings at Lascaux date back around 17,500 years.

Seriously. Hollywood. There are plenty of folk out there with archaeology degrees. Just pay one of us to give your script the once over. As it goes the film comes across as something produced by the SyFy channel but with better effects and an expensive cast who are wasted on a clunky script written by morons who deserve to have their livers eaten by birds.

It is a pretty film mind…

Edited to add: Lol, can’t believe I missed this one 😀

URGENT: Please help Aziz and Gemma!

*URGENT: Please help Aziz and Gemma!*

**Aziz Hussini (Home Office Ref: *H1206065*) is currently in detention
and is due to be forcibly removed from the UK to Afghanistan on *Monday
12^rd March*, on charter flight *PVT081* to Kabul at *23:10.*



The UK Borders Agency arrested 18 year old Aziz on his wedding day,
bursting into the Registry Office and dragging him away. Waiting to walk
down the aisle, Gemma, his distraught fiancé, who is a British citizen,
did not know what was happening until 2 UKBA officials in their stab
proof vests came out to tell her that her wedding could not happen
because they had detained her fiancé.


/Aziz and Gemma Gemma on the morning of her wedding/

Aziz and Gemma have been together for over a year, and were planning a
life together before they were torn apart by Border Agency officials.
Gemma is beside herself with worry, and hasn’t eaten or slept properly
since Monday, when she was supposed to get married.Gemma first met Aziz
in February last year, and says that /“When I first saw him, the
connection was there straight away, we’ve been together ever
since”./This is not a ‘sham marriage’, Gemma has had an ‘/A’/ tattood
behind her ear at Christmas as a symbol of her commitment to Aziz, and
is learning Dari, Aziz’s native language.She says she will fly to
Afghanistan to live with Aziz if necessary.

Their relationship has never been properly considered by the UKBA even
though they clearly knew he was due to get married on the day that he
was detained at the Registry Office.

Aziz arrived in the UK 2009 as an unaccompanied minor. Despite a
difficult start, Aziz is flourishing in Glasgow.When he first arrived in
the UK, he couldn’t speak a word of English, but is now hoping to study
at University and has many close friends who he has met through
collage.After first studying English, Aziz is now working for an HNC in
Computing, where Gemma says he worked twice as hard as everyone else.In
Glasgow, he was completed a voluntary work placement as textiles artist
with Little Persia,a Persian rug shop in Glasgow.He has also received
awards from the John Muir Environmental Award, and an accreditation from
the ASDAN charitable foundation, illustrating his commitment to his
local community.

Forcibly removing Aziz to Afghanistan would be a devastating violation
of his Right to a Family and Private Life (Article 8 of the European
Convention of Human Rights, 1998 Human Rights Act).The UKBA didn’t even
bother to consider Gemma when they refused to allow Aziz to continue
with his life in the UK, claiming that /“There is no evidence that the
appellant has any close family in the UK”./Now that they’ve ruined Gemma
and Aziz’s wedding, they must know that this isn’t the case.

However, Aziz is also terrified that if he is returned, he will never be
reunited with Gemma.His life is in danger in Afghanistan, which he fled
after being commissioned to make satirical depictions of a
fundamentalist party leader on a carpet.Aziz has lost contact with his
family, so will have no-one to support or protect him, and would be left
alone and afraid in an impoverished and dangerous country he has had no
contact with for the three years he has been in the UK.

Aziz is due to be forcibly removed on one of the infamous charter
flights used by the UKBA for mass deportations of people to the same
country. Flight number PVT 081 is scheduled to depart at 23.10 to Kabul
on Monday evening.

These charter flights have been regularly criticised. In particular,
guards accompanying the detainees have been criticised for using
excessive force as there are not any other passengers to act as
witnesses. Similarly concern has been expressed about the UKBA’s
practise of substituting people at the last minute without warning to
fill spaces on the flight left by people whose lawyers managed to
successfully get them off the flight.


*Please urgently contact the Home Secretary, Theresa May, your MP, and
Aziz’s MP, Ann McKechin, to ask them to halt the forced removal of Aziz,
and allow him to stay in Glasgow, with Gemma, where he belongs.*


*Contact the Home Secretary:***

Theresa May, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office
2 Marsham Street



email: <>
<> <>

Contact Aziz’s MP too

Ann McKechin MP,

154-156 Raeberry Street


G20 6EA

tel:0141 946 1300 or 020 7219 8239

fax:0141 946 1412 or 020 7219 1770
<> /

The UNITY Centre
30 Ibrox Street
G51 1AQ

0141 427 7992 <>

The UNITY Centre is run entirely by volunteers and funded completely by
donations from our supporters. We need your help! If you would like to
help by making a donation or by volunteering you can find more details
on our website. Thank you! UNITY!

Template Letter Aziz & Gemma (.doc)

Kony 2012 redux

Wow, that post on the Kony 2012 campaign really went a bit crazy. 150,000 hits and hundreds of comments. Whilst I had expected people to have a knee jerk reaction to my post I wasn’t expecting quite that level of venom. From reading a lot of the comments I feel that a lot of people either didn’t read the post or didn’t understand it. If it’s the latter then it is totally my fault for not being clear enough. I’ll try and rectify this here and will expand on some points from the original post and bring in some things that came up in the “discussion” in the comments thread.
Thanks by the way to all the people who commented constructively, whether in agreement or disagreement, and to those who didn’t post in anything approaching a rational manner. Well.. (click here)
I’m going to split this post into 9 sections to try and make it easy to follow and refer to in the comments. It will also allow me to keep track of all the points I want to make so please bear with me.

Military Humanitarianism

An oxymoronic phrase if ever there was one. I want to start out with the strangeness of a humanitarian campaign calling for military intervention. This doesn’t just go for Uganda but anywhere. If you claim to be wanting to protect people you don’t do that by shooting them to safety. A humanitarian campaign, by its very nature, seeks a humanitarian goal by humanitarian means. Military action, which will always result in death and injury(to humans), is the antithesis of humanitarianism. It really makes me think of the mantra from 1984.
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.
I wanted to point that out up front as it is one of the most glaring inconsistencies of the campaign.

Is Kony the Biggest Problem in Uganda?

No one is denying that Kony is evil(a word I am not prone to use often). The actions carried out by him and the Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) are some of the worst atrocities many people will have ever heard of. Especially if they don’t follow world politics and history, which unfortunately is most people I feel.
Uganda was in a state of civil war in the north ever since the Lord’s Resistance Army were formed in 1987 but a war has two sides remember and the enemy of the LRA is the Ugandan government of Yoweri Museveni. Museveni is known to be extremely racist particularly towards the Acholi people. He used the war as an excuse to carry out a slow genocide against the Acholi people as he herded over a million of them into ‘displacement’ camps in the north. In these camps people were forced to live in conditions that were a terrible insult to them. Disease was rampant and spread like wild fire as living conditions are so cramped. People were commonly abused by the military including rapes and mutilations. The death toll in the camps is horrific with around 1,000 people a week dying. 1,000 a week. For 20 years. You do the maths.
When you add to this government brutality and genocide the actions of the LRA then we get a feeling for the immense suffering this war has caused the people of Northern Uganda. A suffering that is, thankfully, unimaginable to most people who will read this and to pretty much everyone that has been sharing the Kony 2012 video.
Since the cessation of hostilities in 2006 the people of Northern Uganda have begun the long and arduous task of, if not returning to normality, then figuring out what their new normality will look like now that after all this time the violence has stopped. They are rebuilding their communities, ploughing their farms and trying to heal themselves of the harm that has been wrought upon them by both the Ugandan government and the Lord’s Resistance Army.
Kony is presently not in Uganda. He is not attacking the Alochi people and stealing their children for soldiers and slaves, something he learned from the Ugandan military of President Museveni by the way. So he simply isn’t a problem for these people and they have a long task ahead of them recovering from this war. A task that presents a multitude of problems which they are facing.

Now people will be screaming SAUCE over this. So I suggest they watch this wee documentary from 2008 about the situation in Uganda. None of the snazzy production of the Kony 2012 video but a far greater connection to reality. I should warn you that there are some traumatising scenes in the film.

Update: Just saw this on Youtube and followers of Kony 2012 should listen to this woman.

White Man’s Burden

A lot of people took umbrage with my description of the Kony 2012 campaign as a modern liberal manifestation of the White Man’s Burden. I think this is a perfectly fitting description and if you are offended by it then you should maybe take a moment to reflect how your actions could be perceived in such a way.
The full poem can be found here but I am going to quote a few verses from it just here for reference.

Take up the White Man’s burden–
Send forth the best ye breed–
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild–
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.

Take up the White Man’s burden–
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
To seek another’s profit,
And work another’s gain.

Take up the White Man’s burden–
The savage wars of peace–
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

So you can see that the poem is a call for white people to bring civilisation to those ‘without’. A paternalistic attitude towards ‘lesser races’ who can not achieve the heights of European civilisation by themselves, who must be guided by the white man as they are but “Half-devil and half-child”.
This perfectly fits with the narrative created by Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 campaign. The people of Uganda can not rid themselves of Kony(let’s ignore the fact that he hasn’t been in the country for 5+ years) so they need the paternalistic assistance of those with the money and resources to do so. Regardless of whether or not the ‘white man’ has been asked to lend assistance he knows best. This is an attitude that was repeated over and over in the comments on my previous post and will probably continue to be espoused by followers of the campaign.
It is patronising and outright insulting to the people of Uganda and of Africa in general.

Invisible Children/Kony 2012

I don’t want to talk too much about the group themselves or their past interventions in Uganda. This has been covered perfectly eloquently and adequately elsewhere.
What I do want to mention however is the dishonesty in the video and the way that it plays on people’s basic humanity and sense of compassion to get them to support it.
The video uses footage from before the LRA left Uganda in order to imply that the situation there is the same now. Whilst they do say in the video that Kony and the LRA are no longer in Uganda they confuse this with the shocking visual images of the conflict. The video also implies that Kony is a singularly evil person and the responsibility for all the atrocities rests on his shoulders. It completely ignores the genocide and brutality meted out by the ruling regime and in fact wishes to get people to support it in reinstigating hostilities with the LRA.
This is extremely dishonest and Invisible Children should be condemned for playing with people’s emotions to coerce them into supporting their call for military intervention in the region. That’s the sort of trick warmongering governments play and it is never acceptable.

Military Action

The call from Kony 2012 is to highlight the man’s existence to the world in order to hopefully put pressure on the world’s governments to take action in bringing him to justice. Ideally they want him caught and put on trial for war crimes. That’s not the attitude of the followers of the campaign. I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve seen, both in the comments here and elsewhere on the net, calling for him to be summarily executed like Osama Bin Laden.
Let’s assume that Kony 2012 is successful and we see a military initiative put into play to capture Joseph Kony. What would happen?
Firstly we would see the militarisation of Northern Uganda and the resultant horrors that will come from this, the murders, the rapes and the mutilations that happened before.
Secondly we would see the Lord’s Resistance Army forced to mobilise to defend itself and it’s leader. This would require more troops for starters and so more kidnappings, more pain and suffering. It would also mean the LRA again beginning to act in Uganda which had been free of them since 2006.
Now let’s assume that the military operation is successful in finding Kony wherever he has crawled under a rock. He will be defended by soldiers. Many of these soldiers will be children. Fighting will break out and children will die. I have mentioned this many times in the comments section of my previous post and have been sickened by the amount of people who see this as acceptable losses in order to catch a monster. I really think these people need to look in the mirror if they are looking to catch a monster.
Now let’s assume that the operation is again successful in capturing Kony, unlike previous attempts which have just ended up leaving the LRA better armed, and he is either taken to incarceration or murdered ala Bin Laden.
What happens next?
Do the members of the LRA all put down their guns and head home to become integrated members of society? Or does a new person assume leadership of the LRA? Do we then end up with a completely smashed peace and an armed rebel army out for revenge. The result. More abductions to get meat for the grinder. More dead children. More burned villages. More suffering.
This is what Invisible Children are calling for. This is what the Kony 2012 campaign seeks to achieve. This isn’t what they want but it is what they will get which is why I call them and their campaign both naïve and dangerous.


Justice is a strange word. It seems so simple in its meaning but there are many different ways of achieving justice and as many forms for that justice to take. A lot of people also seem to confuse vengeance with justice. Vengeance is the seeking of retribution for a wrong. Justice seeks to make right that wrong as best as possible. Justice should be for healing, for improving the world. You may argue that the world would be a better place with Joseph Kony not in it and I would have to agree, the world being one bastard lighter is always a good thing. However Kony is just one man and his actions, along with those of Yoweri Museveni, have affected millions. That is a lot of justice. Would an execution really be enough?
I believe that justice is best achieved when it is the people who were wronged who decide, with the support of their friends, what they want to see as justice. In this case that would be the people wronged by both parties in the hostilities. They must dictate what they want and those who support them should do all that is asked of them to achieve that end.
In all the ways of achieving justice the focus must be on the person or people that were wronged rather than on punishing the perpetrator. The survivor of an injustice is the person who needs our help and attention, not the perp.
If the Kony 2012 campaign supporters really want to help the people affected by the utter scum that is Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni then they must first listen to what the people of Uganda want. Not what a group of people not connected want in their call for revenge.

On Doing Nothing

Another common theme in the comments of my previous post was that of accusing those who challenge the Kony 2012 campaign of asking people to do nothing rather than participate in this campaign. That was often coupled with the apparent truism that “Doing something is always better than doing nothing”. Something with which I fundamentally disagree. As I have outlined above, if this campaign is successful then all these people “doing something rather than nothing” will have blood on their hands. They probably won’t notice however as this may well be a year or two down the line and they will have long moved onto other campaigns.
This accusation of asking people to do nothing whilst these atrocities that aren’t happening any more continue to not happen is also patently untrue. I have repeatedly advised people to investigate the situation and to seek ways of offering help. I even suggested a couple of projects that need exposure and aid.
No one has been saying “Do nothing”, what we are saying is “Don’t do this” which is completely different.
I enthusiastically encourage people to go out, take action and improve our world. But to do that you need the right tools and the right information. You need to learn about the world and the way it works. You need to learn about social movements, where they have succeeded and where they have failed. You need to talk to people about how they see the world improving and listen to what it is that they, and you, want to achieve.

Changing the World, one click at a time

This new wave of ‘Facebooktivism’ seems to have been fuelled, in part, by the “Arab Spring” or as certain lazy pundits described it “the Facebook revolution”. One of the facets of the various uprisings that the media seized upon was the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as media like Youtube and blogging to spread information about what was going on. Social media, for the media, seemed to define the events in the various countries like Tunisia and Egypt.
Whilst it is true that these new forms of communication helped facilitate communication they were but one facet of a broader movement that took place, primarily, on the streets of towns and cities across the region. However as most of us who live an embarrassing amount of our lives hooked up to Facebook and the like these events were mediated by social media. Social media being a dialectic experience we felt like we were participating, that we were one step closer to what was happening as we retweeted and shared information coming out of the revolts. This has led us to associate clicking the ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ button with actual concrete action. Unfortunately this is not the case.
All you are doing when you click that button is spreading information as a substitute for actual action. We don’t change the world one click at a time we change the world by engaging with it, by being actors in the drama that is the world and by trying to change the script so that we might find a happy ending, or at least a more interesting story.
The internet is like a library and community centre rolled into one. You can find information on the world in almost unlimited supply, you can find notices of things that are happening around the world and in your neighbourhood. But it isn’t the place where we change the world. We change the world when we become political.
Politics is in the street, in your neighbourhood and in your place of work or study.
If seeing that video produced by Invisible Children has enraged you, has made you want to make a difference, to make the world a better place then I salute you. But to do that you have to move beyond the virtual world into the actual. Move beyond ‘spreading awareness’ into taking action.
Please don’t think that I am writing off electronic means of spreading information. The internet, and especially social media, has become a powerful tool to spread information and to call people to action. The Kony 2012 campaign is a terrific example of that if it is nothing else. But it can’t be a substitute for being active in your community and at work or school. It is merely a tool to help you be more effective at those activities.

Click Here [/irony]

I’ve already suggested a couple of places where you could donate money, and encourage others to do the same, but what about getting active? What about making the world a better place?
Wars and genocide have caused the world to be flooded with refugees, only a minority of whom ever make it so far as Europe or the USA despite what the press may claim. It may seem like there is little you can do to stop these wars and whilst it is a daunting task it is not an insurmountable one. Because of these wars people have been forced to respond to aid those who have fled the fighting and murder.
In refugee camps around the world Medecins Sans Frontiers provide free health care and support. They always need support and donating to them means that you make a real and practical difference and improve people’s lives.
In countries throughout Europe refugees, the people that flee scum like Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni, are treated like second or third class citizens and denied even the most basic of human rights. But there are, as ever, good people trying to help their fellows. People like the Unity Centre in Glasgow who for the last 6 years have been providing much needed support for refugees going through the nightmarish process of claiming asylum with the ever present threat of being forcibly sent to the place from which they fled.
Elsewhere in the UK the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns networks groups around the country to help one another in stopping the brutal treatment of refugees in Britain. I’m assuming that there are other such organisations in other countries but I’m only familiar with the ones in Britain.
If you want to learn about the history of various social movements, including social revolutions, then the library at is a great place to start. It has an extensive catalogue of books and articles that date from a record of the first recorded strike in history, 5,000 years ago in Egypt, to events that are happening now around the world.
The website also has a handy section on organising with tips and advice for people new to all this.
If you do want to make the world a better place then there is nothing wrong with your journey beginning with a click of a ‘share’ button or a retweet of something that has got your dander up. But change is made by boots on the ground, as it were, and by, more than anything else, organising with the people around you to force change to happen.
There is a Margaret Mead quote that is often liked by activists.

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

This is patently untrue. The only thing that has ever changed the world is a fuck lot of people working together for a common goal. To achieve this we don’t need to shy away from criticism but to embrace it. For it is criticism, dialogue and education that help to ensure that when there are a fuck load of us working towards a common goal we don’t accidentally make a mess of things. That’s why I speak out against Invisible Children and Kony 2012. Because I want a better world for me, for the people of Uganda, the people of the USA and every other person on the planet. It’s our world after all, we should damn well all be able to enjoy it.

Kony 2012 Part 3 (reblog)

I’m reblogging this post from Pieces of Mee as it says far more eloquently than I eveything I have been trying to say in both my previous posts and the comments below them.

Dear Jason Russell,

  1. After being bombarded with your KONY 2012 crusade, I have no choice but to respond to your highly inaccurate, offensive, and harmful propaganda.  I realized I had to respond in hopes of stopping you before you cause more violence and deaths to the Acholi people (Northern Ugandans), the very people you are claiming to protect.

    Firstly, I would like to question your timing of this KONY 2012 crusade in Uganda when most of the violence from Joseph Kony and the LRA (The Lord’s Resistance Army) has subsided in Uganda in the past 5 years. The LRA has moved onto neighboring countries like the DRC and Sudan. Why are you not urging action in the countries he is currently in? Why are you worried about Kony all of a sudden when Ugandans are not at this present moment?

    This grossly illogical timing and statements on your website such as “Click here to buy your KONY 2012 products” makes me believe that the timing has more to do with your commercial interests than humanitarian interests. With the upcoming U.S. presidential elections and the waning interest in Invisible Children, it seems to be perfect timing to start a crusade. I also must add at this point how much it personally disgusts me the way in which you have commercialized a conflict in which thousands of people have died.

    Secondly, I would like to address the highly inaccurate content of your video. Your video did not leave the viewer any more knowledgeable about the conflict in Uganda, but only emotionally assaulted. I could not help but notice how conveniently one-sided the “explanation” in your video was. There was absolutely no mention of the role of the Ugandan government and military in the conflict. Let alone the role of the U.S. government and military.  The only information given is “KONY MUST BE STOPPED.”

    I would like to inform you that stopping Kony would not end the conflict. (It is correctly pronounced “Kohn” by the way). This conflict is deeply embedded in Uganda’s history that neither starts nor ends with Kony. Therefore, your solution to the problem is flawed. There is no way to know the solution, without full knowledge of the problem itself.  We must act on knowledge, not emotions.

    Joseph Kony formed the LRA in retaliation to the brutality of President Museveni (from the south) committing mass atrocities on the Acholi people (from the north) when President Museveni came to power in 1986. This follows a long history of Ugandan politics that can be traced back to pre-colonial times.  The conflict must be contextualized within this history. (If you want to have this proper knowledge, I suggest you start by working with scholars, not celebrities).  President Museveni is still in power and in his reign of 26 years he has arguably killed as many, if not more Acholi people, than Joseph Kony. Why is President Museveni not demonized, let alone mentioned? I would like to give you more credit than just ignorance. I have three guesses. One is that Invisible Children has close ties with the Ugandan government and military, which it has been accused of many times. Second, is that you are willing to fight Kony, but not the U.S. Government, which openly supports President Museveni. Third, is that Invisible Children feels the need to reduce the conflict to better commercialize it.

    This brings me to my third issue, the highly offensive nature of your video. Firstly, it is offensive to your viewer. The scene with your “explanation” of the conflict to your toddler son suggests that the viewers have the mental capacity of a toddler and can only handle information given in such a reductionist manner. I would like to think American teenagers and young adults (which is clearly your target audience) are smarter than your toddler son. I would hope that we are able to realize that it is not a “Star Wars” game with aliens and robots in some far off galaxy as your son suggests, but a real world conflict with real world people in Uganda. This is a real life conflict with real life consequences.

    Secondly, and more importantly, it is offensive to Ugandans. The very name “Invisible Children” is offensive. You claim you make the invisible, visible. The statements, “We have seen these kids.” and “No one knew about these kids.” are part of your slogan. You seem to be strongly hinting that you somehow have validated and found these kids and their struggles.

    Whether you see them or not, they were always there. Your having seen the kids does not validate their existence in any shape or form or bring it any more significance. You say “no one” knew about the kids. What about the kids themselves? What about the families of the kids who were killed and abducted? Are they “no one?” Are they not human?

    These children are not invisible, you are making them invisible by silencing, dehumanizing, marketing, and invalidating them.

    Last year I went to Gulu, Uganda, where Invisible Children is based, and interviewed over 50 locals.  Every single person questioned Invisible Children’s legitimacy and intention. Every single person. If anything, it seemed the people saw Invisible Children as a bigger threat than Joseph Kony at the time. Why is it the very people you are trying to “help” feel more offense than relief with your aid?

    “They come here to make money and use us.”

    “It makes us feel terrible to be presented as being so stupid and helpless.”

    These are direct quotes. This was the sentiment of the majority of the people that I interviewed in varying degrees. I definitely didn’t see or hear these voices or opinions in your video. If you are to be “saving” the Acholi people, the very least you can be doing is holding yourself accountable to them and actually listening to what they have to say.

    This offensive, inaccurate misconstruction of Ugandans and its conflict makes me wonder what and whom this is really about. It seems that you feel very good about yourself being a savior, a Luke Skywalker of sorts, and same with the girl in your video who passionately states, “This is what defines us”. Therefore, I can’t help but wonder if Invisible Children is more about defining the American do-gooders (and making them feel good), rather than the Ugandans; profiteering the American military and corporations (which Invisible Children is officially and legally) than the conflict.

    Lastly, I would like to address the harmful nature of your propaganda. I believe your actions will actually bring back the fighting in Northern Uganda. You are not asking for peace, but violence. The fighting has stopped in the past 5 years and the Acholi are finally enjoying some peace.  You will be inviting the LRA and the fighting back into Uganda and disturbing this peace. The last time Invisible Children got politically involved and began lobbying it actually caused more violence and deaths. I beg you not to do it again.

    If you open your eyes and see the actions of the Ugandan government and the U.S. government, you will see why.  Why is it that suddenly in October of 2011 when there has been relative peace in Uganda for 4 years, President Obama decided to send troops into Uganda? Why is it that the U.S. military is so involved with AFRICOM, which has been pervading African countries, including Uganda? Why is it that U.S. has been traced to creating the very weapons that has been used in the violence?  The U.S. is entering Uganda and other countries in Africa not to stop violence, but to create a new battlefield.

    In your video you urge that the first course of action is that the Ugandan military needs American military and weapons. You are giving weapons to the very people who were killing the Acholi people in the first place. You are helping to open the grounds for America to make Uganda into a battlefield in which it can profit and gain power. Please recognize this is all part of a bigger military movement, not a humanitarian movement. This will cause deaths, not save lives. This will be doing more harm, than good.

    You end your video with saying, “I will stop at nothing”.  If nothing else, will you not stop for the lives of the Acholi people? Haven’t enough Acholi people suffered in the violence between the LRA and the Ugandan government? Our alliance should not be with the U.S. government or the Ugandan military or the LRA, but the Acholi people. There is a Ugandan saying that goes, “The grass will always suffer when two elephants fight.” Isn’t it time we let the grass grow?

    Thank you.


    Amber Ha


Kony 2012 part 2

Quite a lot of people in reaction to my earlier blog post, in the comments and on Facebook/G+, are of the opinion that “something has to be done” which seems to justify not asking questions of the people “doing something”. Whilst I agree with the sentiment that we want to help these people who have suffered as a result of the fighting between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government I feel that the Invisible Children “Kony 2012” campaign is going to do more harm than good. The reasons for this I outline in my earlier post and in the comments below.

“What else would you have us do?” is another question asked. To which there are many answers, one would be to destroy capitalism and the state and introduce FULL COMMUNISM but that’s beyond the abilities of us mere bloggers(at the moment MWAHAHAHAHA!). So in lieu of a global communist uprising I’ve found a couple of projects that are more worthwhile, and practically helpful, than the Invisible Children’s call for armed intervention which would shatter the peace in the region.

The Grassroots Group was originally a part of USAID but has been independent since 2008. It helps former child soldiers reintegrate into their communities and has been doing so for nearly 7 years. They have a number of projects such as brick making, community farming and trauma counselling. All much more worthwhile than calling for military action against a scumbag who isn’t even in the country any more, let alone engaging in hostilities against the population.

Then there is Gulu Projects who are seeking to raise $15,000 to fund three projects in three villages in the Gulu district of Northern Uganda.

It took me 5 minutes with Google to turn these projects up and I’m sure there are many more out there. So if you want to financially support worthwhile projects in Uganda get Googling or just head to the links above. Share these as widely as folk have been sharing that sodding Kony 2012 video and maybe we will actually help some people.

Kony 2012

Update: Please see this post for ideas on where to donate to help people in Northern Uganda.

Update 2: Please see my more recent post for clarification and expansion on issues raised here.

The video below, Kony 2012, has been doing the rounds on Facebook, G+ and Twitter today in an attempt to bring to the world’s attention the plight of child soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) in Uganda. Now the LRA is a despicable organisation that has been involved in some of the most sickening acts imaginable including slavery, abduction, rape and using children as soldiers and their leader Joseph Kony, from whom the film takes its name, is a piece of shit. There is no debate about this. The man is scum through and through.

This video, and the campaign that created it, is extremely disturbing. From watching the video ones immediate reaction is to share it and to try and ensure that something gets done, possibly by donating to the campaign or buying something from their line of t-shirts, badges and the like to further spread awareness of what is going on. A natural reaction when faced with such a horrible situation.

However when we look at the facts surrounding the film a rather unpleasant stink begins to fill the air. Something that smells a lot like the white man’s burden and possibly cynical opportunism.

The campaign calls for military intervention in Uganda to capture Kony and bring him to justice, something he most certainly deserves. However the film and campaign are rather liberal with the truth. Kony and the LRA have been pretty much smashed and have been inactive in Uganda since 2006 and there is now a peace process in place. A process that stammers and stalls, but that is what they always do.

Of the money that gets made by Invisible Children only 31% goes on their charity work and the rest on film making, though the charity has never been audited so we assume. But this 31% of your money, that you either directly give to them or help them raise through sharing their video, goes on things like funding Uganda’s military and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both forces have been associated with despicable acts such as using rape as a weapon of war.

Founders of Invisible Children pose with members of the SPLA
Photograph of the founders of Invisible Children posing with members of the SPLA.

 Do you really want to fund this? If so then share the video to your hearts content and be glad when the violence continues and more children die. Seriously, how do you expect to take military action, which Invisible Children support, against a person who uses children as soldiers without killing children? What do you think will happen when military action is taken? Do you not think that there will be more reprisals and bloodshed?

All the while that you are sharing this video, changing your Facebook status or photograph and tweeting about this far and wide you are promoting a wrong headed initiative that supports a most brutal regime, one that tortures prisoners and has sought to condemn homosexuals to death for simply loving people of the same sex, which can only make matters worse in the region. We need to support people when they seek to better their living conditions, when they seek to put an end to murderous scum like Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni. What we must not do is support, probably well meaning, rich Westerners flying around the world trying to solve the problems of poor old Africa.

Some more on the story and on Invisible Children can be found at the following blogs.

The last one there, ilto, is a post from 2006 showing that this criticism of Invisible Children has been around as long as they have.

Please, if you want to do something to help the people who suffer in Uganda, and anywhere else in the world for that matter, educate yourself on the situation there in ways that go beyond Youtube videos and listening to a bunch of rich white people. Try reading the local news, reading blogs from the area if any are available. Hell even start with the Wikipedia entry or reading the New Internationalist world guide. Don’t allow emotive and snazzily made videos play on your basic humanity. Read, read and then read some more before you go making a mistake and supporting an initiative that could just make things so much worse.

Theft of Spanish Civil War archival material

Statement from the Ateneo enciclopèdic Barcelona.

Today, 1 February 2012, several important documents were stolen from the Biblioteca de l’Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular in Barcelona.

Original posters from the Civil War era as well as various other objects also from the period of the Spanish Civil War were taken.

The material included:

  • Postcards from the civil war, membership cards from various organizations and political groups from the ’20s and ’30s and the period of clandestinity.
  • Collection of banknotes from the collectivized villages (a large number)
  • Postcard collection of the civil war and of Bakunin and Kropotkin, etc. (about 100 pieces)
  • Collection of film posters for the period of the civil war (70 or 80)
  • Collection of old tram tickets from ten cents to one peseta (over 500)
  • Collection of medals, pins, badges and insignia of the civil war (100)
  • A folder with pictures of mujeres libres and libertarian cultural associations, as well as documentation of collectivised businesses based along the road from Ribes to Barcelona and the visit of some Mexican officials.
  • And much more.

Many of the pieces are unique. Below is an incomplete list of the stolen pieces. A PDF containing good-sized photographs of the stolen items can be downloaded here:…e=399
If you have doubles, put them aside for them.
If you see something appear on e-bay or other sites of this kind, alert them!”

Ateneo enciclopèdic Barcelona contact details:

The list (in Catalan) gives details of the missing handbills, paper currency, posters, stamps etc. (nine pages). (Followed by a Google Translate version of the list.

Photographs of the stolen material can be found here.

[excuse me while i cut and paste, i can’t see how to add a pdf, though it’s here is anyone wants it.]

La majoria del període de la Guerra civil
-Programa de mà. Cinema Alegria (CNT-AIT), maig 1937
-Programa de mà. Majestic (CNT-AIT). 19-12-36
-Programa de mà. Teatro Novedades (CNT-AIT), maig 1937
– Programa de mà. Cinema la Rambla (CNT-AIT). 22-3-37
– Programa de mà. Gran Price (CNT-AIT). 13/14-8-38
– Programa de mà. Ateneu Esparraguera (CNT-AIT) 17-2-38
– Programa de mà. Cinema Alegria (CNT-AIT) 6/7-10-37
– Programa de mà. Teatro MunicipaL. 13/14-4-37
– Programa de mà. Concierto organizado por las JJ. LL. Barceloina 7/2/
– Programa de mà. Modern Cinema (CNT-AIT), febrer 1937.
– Programa de mà. Semana de agitación pro guerra. 23-2-37. Sindicato
Unico de Espectáculos Publicos CNT-AIT.
– Programa de mà. Ateneo Libertario Guinardó. 1937. (teatre)
-Programa de mà: Ateneo Libertario del Clot. 21-2-37. (teatre)
– Programa de mà: Ateneo Libertario Guinardó. 1937 (teatre)
– Programa de mà: Ateneo Libertario Guinardó. 13-6-37 (cinema)
– Programa de mà: Gran Picnic. Casa Albergue Anselmo Lorenzo, Barcelona,
– Programa de mà: Cinema la Rambla CNT-AIT. Març 1938
– Programa de mà: Cinema la Rambla. CNT-AIT. 6-1-38
– Programa de mà: Cinema la Rambla. CNT-AIT. Abril 1937
-Programa de mà: Cinema Ateneu. Sindicat d’Espectacles CNT-Esparraguera.
Juliol 1938.
-Bitllet (paper moneda): Consejo Municipal de Fraga. 25 cts.
-Bitllet (paper moneda): Ajuntament d’Igualada. Val 25 cts.
– Programa de mà: Coliseo García Lorca. 23-12-38
-Programa de propaganda de la pel·licula “Els Marins de Cronstad”
-Bitllet (paper moneda): CNT-UGT. 2 ptas. Dénia
-Bitllet (paper moneda) CNT-UGT. 5 ptas. Dénia
-Bitllet (paper moneda): CNT-UGT. 1 ptas. Dénia
-Segell: Sanitat i Assistència Social. 5 cts. Reus
-Segell: Sanitat i Assistència Social. 25 cts. Reus
-Segell: CNT-FAI. “Ayudar a los refugiados es un deber”
– Segell: CNT-UGT. “Todo por la Alianza”. 10 cts
– Segell: SIA. “Ayuda a evitar esto camarada”. 1pta.
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Ayudad hospitales de Sangre”. 10 cts.
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Comité de heridos”. 10 cts
– Segell: CNT-AIT. “Comité de heridos”. 10 cts
– Segell: JJ.LL. de la Industria Siderometalurgica. Sello Pro Cultura”. 10 cts
– Segell: CNT-AIT. Borne
– Segell: JJ.LL. “Pro Cultura”. División Ascaso. 1 pta.
– Segell: Pro Universidad Popular. 10 cts
– Segell: Comissió Municipal de Sanitat. Terrassa. “Ajut a la tasca sanitària”.
10 cts
– Segell: Milícies Antifascistas. 10 cts.
– Segell: Ajuntament de Gramanet. “Guerra”. 5 cts.
– Segell: S.I.A. “Solidaridad Antifascista”. 25 cts
– Segell: CNT-UGT. “Solidaridad Proletaria”. 50 cts. Játiva
– Segell: Pins del Vallès. “Jornades de Juliol del 36”. 5 cts. Comité Local Creu
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “20 Noviembre 1936. “Te acuerdas de esta fecha
compañero?”. 10 cts.
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Llibertat. Aide au Peuple espagnol”. 10 cts
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Llibertat. Ayuda al Pueblo español”. 10 cts.
– Segell: CNT-UGT. “Frente Popular”. 5 cts.
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Ayudar a los refugiados es un deber”
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Contribuye a la victoria trabajando sin descanso”.
– Segell: CNT. Industrias Varias. Pueblo Nuevo”. 0,85 ptas.
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Nuestro deber? Aplastar el fascismo”
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Por la victoria disciplina y mando único”
– Segell: CNT-FAI. “Comité de Defensa de Sans. Pro Dispensario”. 10 cts
– Segell: FAI. “Pro Cultura Ateneo Libertario del Districto Vº. 10 cts.
– Segell: FAI. “Pro cultura revolucionaria” Ateneo Libertario del Districto IV.
25 cts.
– Segell: “Borne” (en color vermell y negre) CNT-AIT
– Segell: S.I.A. 20 cts.
– Segell: CNT-AIT. “Borne” (blanc i negre)
– Segell: CNT
– Segell: Comité de Refugiados. Cazorla (Jaén)
– Segell: Consell Municipal de Cervera. “Pro Guerra”. 10 cts
– Segell: CNT-AIT. Sindicato Industrias Sidrometalúrgicas. “Victimas del
fascismo”. 1 pta.
– Segell: CNT-AIT-FAI. “Pro Hospital. Sindicat Unico de Sanidad”. 10 cts
– Segell: “Pro Refugiados”. 5 cts.
– Segell: CNT-UGT. “Pro Hospitals de Sang”. 10 cts.
– Segell: SIA
– Segell: Junta Provincial de Alicante. “Milicias Populares”. 10 cts.
– Segell: S.I.A. “Es vida otra vez”. 50 cts
– Segell: Comité Popular Provincial Defensa. Alicante. 5 cts.
– Segell cotització: CNT-AIT. Comité Pro Presos. 50 cts.
– Segell cotització: Confederación Nacional del Trabajo
– Segell: Victimas del fascismo
-Insignia S.I.A.
-Insignia: Bandera Republicana
-Insignia: (símbol de la República. 14 de abril 1931)
– Insignia: Olimpiada Popular
– Insignia: CNT-AIT. Sindicato Unico Ramo Transporte
– Insignia: Batallón de la Muerte
– Insignia: Creu Roja
– Insignia: Transports Públics Urbans
– Insignia: Federación Nacional de la Industria Ferroviaria. CNT-UGT
– Insignia: 27 Division
– Insignia: (colors bandera republicana)
– Insignia: Símbol de la República
– Insignia: Parque de Artilleria
– Insignia: Comunismo Libertario
-Moneda: Consell Municipal Arenys de Mar. 1 pta.
– Moneda: (Inscripció: “CNT-FAI. Obrero no vota”)
– Moneda: Consejo Santander, Palencia, Burgos. 1 pta. 1937
– Moneda: Consejo Santander, Palencia, Burgos. 0,50 ptas.
– Moneda: Consell Municipal Arenys de Mar. 0’50 pta.
– Moneda: Olot. 10 cts.
– Moneda: República Española. 1 pta.
– Moneda: Gobierno de Euzkadi. 1 pta. 1937
– Moneda: Gobierno de Euzkadi. 2 pta. 1937
– Moneda: Consejo de Asturias y León. 1 pta. 1937
– Moneda: República Española. 5 cts. 1937
– Moneda: República Española. 10 cts. 1937
-Bitllet: Tranvias de Barcelona. CNT-AIT
– Bitllet: Tranvias de Barcelona. UGT-CNT
– Bitllet (paper moneda): 25 cts. UGT-CNT. Hijar. Colectividad Obrera.
– Bitllet (paper moneda): 5 unidades. CNT-FAI. Comunidad de Trabajadores
de Binefar (Huesca)
-Segell: Pro Infancia (1936-1937)
– Segells: “Ajut de Retaguardia”. 10 cts. Catalans Antifeixistes
-Bitllet: 1 Pta. Consejo Comarcal y Local. Barbastro
– Bitllet: 1 Pta. Consejo Municipal de Linares
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Calella. Octubre 1937.
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consejo Municipal de Totana. 1937
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Consejo Municipal Monzón. Agosto 1937
-Bitllet: 25 cts. Consejo Municipal de Viladecans. Maig 1937
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Consejo Municipal de Moià
– Bitllet: 1 Pta. Ajuntament de Pobla de Segur. Juliol 1937
– Bitllet: 1 Pta. 28 División. 126 Brigada Mixta
– Bitllet: 50 cts. 28 Division. 126 Brigada Mixta. 1937
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Vilassar de Mar
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Premià de Mar
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de Gramanet del Besós. Juliol 1937
– Bitllet: 2 pta. Ajuntament de Foixà. Maig 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal de Reus. Abril 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal d’Argentona. Març 1937
– Bitllet: 5 pta. Unió de Cooperadors de Barcelona. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Castelldefels. Abril 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consejo Municipal de Graus
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consejo Municipal de Granollers. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consejo Municipal de Manlleu. 1 de Maig 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consejo Municipal Vilassar de Mar
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Montgat
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal de Castellgalí. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Banyoles. 1937
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Breda. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Lleida. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de Mataró. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de Figueras. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consell Municipal de Roses de Llobregat. 1937
– Bitllet: Ajuntament de Foixà. Maig 1937. 5 pta.
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Lleida. 30-6-37
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Consell Municipal de Rocafort de Queralt. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consejo Municipal de Murcia
-Bitllet: 1 pta. Consejo Municipal de Maella. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Foixà. Maig, 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Vilassar de Mar
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ayuntamiento de Alicante. 1938
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ayuntamiento de Alicante. 1938
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament de Tortosa. 1937
– Bitllet: 10 cts. Consell Municipal d’El Vendrell. “Pro refugiats”
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consell Municipal de Tremp
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Consejo Municipal d’Alcañiz. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de Solsona. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consell Municipal de Cabrils. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal de Pi del Llobregat. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Consell Municipal d’Olot. 1937
– Bitllet: Consell Municipal de Gandesa. 1937. 10 cts.
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal de Girona. 1937
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Consell Municipal de Puig-Alt de Ter. 1937
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de Girona
– Bitllet: Consell Municipal d’El Vendrell “Hospital”. 10 cts.
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Balaguer. 1937-38
– Bitllet: 25 cts. Ajuntament de Calella. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Ajuntament Fonts de Sabalana 1937.
– Bitllet: 50 cts. Ajuntament de la Ciutat de Vic. 1937
– Bitllet: 1 pta. Consell Municipal de Vilanova i la Geltrú. 1937
-Bitllet: Ajuntament de Figueres. 1937. 15 cts.
-Bitllet: 25 cts. Consejo Municipal de Totana.
-Bitllet: 20 cts. Ajuntament d’Agramunt. 1937
-Bitllet: 5 pta. Banco de España. 1935
-Bitllet: 10 pta. Banco de España. 1935
-Placa: “CNT-AIT. Barbería” (roja i negra)
-Banderí : Olimpiada Popular (color Bandera Republica i Olimpiada popular)
-Sobre Sorpresa: Miliciano
-Caixa Llumins CNT AIT sindicato unico de la industria quimica
-Tarja postal: Durruti FAI-CNT
-Tarja Posta: CENU
-Tarja Postal: El més petit de tots
-Tarja Postal: Setmana de l’infant Generalitat Catalunya UGT CNT
-Tarja Postal “Restaurant Infantil nº 1 Districte VII” Generalitat Catalunya
-Tarja Postal : Milícies antifeixistes de Catalunya 7-4-37
-Tarja Postal Milícies antifeixista de Catalunya 26-3-37.
-Tarja Postal Nova Iberia
-Tarja Postal Les milícies us necessiten.
-Tarja Postal Llegiu Catalunya CNT
-Tarja Postal “Defensar Madrid és defensar Catalunya
-Tarja Postal : Unitat Obrera UGT CNT
-Tarja Postal: Obrer Camperol FAI CNT
-Tarja CNT AIT Taller col·lectiu de Lampistes i electricistes.
-Tarja Perruqueria per a senyores col·lectiva nº 3
-Tarja Sindicato de la Industria de la Edificación, Madera y Decoración
tienda de muebles nº 15
-Tarja CNT AIT Consell Local de la Industria de la Pell
-Tarja Postal Martínez (dirigente confederal)
-Cartell: Buenaventura Durruti 1936 CNT FAI Sindicat d’arts gràfiques
-Cartell Federación Nacional de la Industria Ferroviaria CNT AIT
-Carnet: CNT AIT 1938
-Carnet Familiar de Racionament Generalitat de Catalunya
-Carnet Mujeres Libres
-Carnet Moix LLambes empresa colectivizada
-Carnet Confederal CNT AIT Sindicato Industria Ferroviaria
-Carnet de les Milícies antifeixistes de Catalunya 6-8-36
-Carnet de conduir Barcelona 8-11-1938
-Carnet Milícies antifeixistes de Catalunya
-Carnet Confederal Sindicato Industria de la edificación, Madera y
decoración 1936 CNT AIT
-Carnet CNT AIT Sindicato espectáculos públicos 1936
-Carnet CNT AIT 1937
-Carnet CNT AIT 1939
-Carnet Departament de Proveiments
-Tierra y Libertad Anarco comunista Gràcia Barcelona 37,5 x27,5 cm
1888 nº 6 (agosto)
1915 nº extra (24 marzo)
-Calendario 1937 Comisión organizadora Hospitales de Sangre CNT AIT
-Esfuerzo de 1937 (3 exemplars) periódico mural
-Vestit de Bailadora Flamenca amb els colors de la Bandera Republicana (2)
-Segell de Goma de la clandestinidad CNT AIT (4)
-Bando General Miaja firmado en Valencia en marzo del 39
-Cartell Publicaciones de la escuela Moderna
-Cartell Para defenderse de los ataques aéreos
-Cartell Frente Popular (una noia a dalt d’un homa amb la bandera
comunista manifestaci´)
-Cartell Descubridlo denunciadlo
-Cartell Comprad Estampas de la revolución
-Cartell Lee Libros Anarquista y serás un hombre.

A rough(Google) translation.

Most of the period of the Civil War
-Hand Program. Joy Cinema (CNT-AIT), May 1937
-Hand Program. Majestic (CNT-AIT). 19-12-36
-Hand Program. Teatro Novedades (CNT-AIT) May 1937
– Program of hand. Cinema La Rambla (CNT-AIT). 22-3-37
– hand Programme. Great Price (CNT-AIT). 13/14-8-38
– hand Programme. Ateneo Esparraguera (CNT-AIT) 17-2-38
– hand Programme. Joy Cinema (CNT-AIT) 6/7-10-37
– hand Programme. Teatro Municipal. 13/14-4-37
– hand Programme. Concert proved by the JJ. LL. Barceloina 7/2 /
– hand Programme. Modern Cinema (CNT-AIT) in February 1937.
– hand Programme. Week Restlessness pro war. 23-2-37. Syndicate
unique Shows and Sporting Events PUBLIC CNT-AIT.
– hand Programme. Ateneo Guinardó Libertarian. 1937. (Theater)
-Hand Program: Ateneo Libertarian Clot. 21-2-37. (Theater)
– hand Programme: Ateneo Guinardó Libertarian. 1937 (theater)
– hand Programme: Ateneo Guinardó Libertarian. 13-6-37 (film)
– Hand Program: Big Picnic. Casa Albergue Anselmo Lorenzo, Barcelona,
– hand Programme: Film Rambla CNT-AIT. March 1938
– hand Programme: Cinema La Rambla. CNT-AIT. 6-1-38
– hand Programme: Cinema La Rambla. CNT-AIT. April 1937
-Hand Program: Cinema Athenaeum. Guild Shows CNT-Esparraguera.
July 1938.
, ticket (paper currency): Municipal Council of Fraga. 25 cents.
-ticket (paper currency): Igualada Town Council. Worth 25 cents.
– hand Programme: Colosseum García Lorca. 23-12-38
Program-propaganda film “The Marine Cronstad”
-ticket (Paper currency): CNT-UGT. 2 ptas. Denia
-ticket (paper currency) CNT-UGT. 5 ptas. Denia
-ticket (paper currency): CNT-UGT. 1 ptas. Denia
-Seal: Health and Social Care. 5 cents. Reus
-Seal: Health and Social Care. 25 cents. Reus
-Seal: CNT-FAI. “Helping refugees is a Deber”
– Label: CNT-UGT. “Everything for the Alliance.” 10 cents
– Label: SIA. “Help to avoid THAT comrade.” 1pta.
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Ayudad blood hospital.” 10 ct.
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Committee heridos.” 10 cents
– Label: CNT-AIT. “Committee heridos.” 10 cents
– Label: JJ.LL. Siderometalurgica the industry. Seal Pro Cultura “. 10 cents
– Label: CNT-AIT. Borne
– Label: JJ.LL. “Pro Cultura”. Ascaso Division. 1 pta.
– Label: Pro VHS. 10 cents
– Label: Municipal Health Commission. Terrace. “Aid to job health.”
10 cents
– Label: anti-fascist militia. 10 ct.
– Label: City of Gramanet. “War”. 5 ct.
– Label: SIA “Antifascista Solidarity.” 25 cents
– Label: CNT-UGT. “Proletarian Solidarity.” 50 cents. Játiva
– Label: Pins del Vallès. “36 Days of July”. 5 cents. Local Committee Cruz
– Label: CNT-FAI. “20 November 1936. “You acuerdas date of this
colleague? “. 10 ct.
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Freedom. Aide au Peuple Anglais “. 10 cents
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Freedom. Help the Pueblo español “. Cts 10.
– Label: CNT-UGT. “Popular Front”. 5 ct.
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Helping refugees is a Deber”
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Contribuye trabajando to victory without rest.”
– Label: CNT. Several Industries. Pueblo Nuevo. ” 0.85 ptas.
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Our Deber? Crush fascism ”
– Label: CNT-FAI. “For the victory mando discipline and unique”
– Label: CNT-FAI. “Healthy Defense Committee. Pro Dispensario “. 10 cents
– Label: FAI. “Pro Cultura Ateneo Libertarian District V º. 10 ct.
– Label: FAI. “Pro revolutionary culture” Libertarian Ateneo District IV.
25 cents.
– Label: “Borne” (red and black) CNT-AIT
– Label: SIA 20 cents.
– Label: CNT-AIT. “Borne” (black and white)
– Label: CNT
– Seal: Committee on Refugees. Cazorla (Jaén)
– Label: Municipal Council of Cervera. “Pro War”. 10 cents
– Label: CNT-AIT. Syndicate Sidrometalúrgicas Industries. “Victims of
Fascism. ” 1 pta.
– Label: AIT-CNT-FAI. “Pro Hospital. Unico Union of Health. ” 10 cents
– Label: “Pro Refugees”. 5 ct.
– Label: CNT-UGT. “Pro Hospitals Blood.” 10 ct.
– Label: SIA
– Label: Provincial Council of Alicante. “Popular Militias.” 10 ct.
– Label: SIA “life is no problem either.” 50 cents
– Label: Provincial People’s Defence Committee. Alicante. 5 ct.
– Seal contributions: CNT-AIT. Committee for Prisoners. 50 ct.
– Stamp price: Confederación Nacional del Trabajo
– Label: Victims of Fascism
-SIA Insignia
Insignia-Flag Republican
-Insignia (symbol of the Republic. April 14, 1931)
– Insignia: Popular Olympiad
– Insignia: CNT-AIT . Sindicato Unico Transport Branch
– Insignia: Battalion of Death
– Insignia: Red Cross
– Insignia: Urban transportation
– Insignia: National Federation of the railway industry. CNT-UGT
– Insignia: Division 27
– Insignia (Republican flag colors)
– Insignia: symbol of the Republic
– Insignia: Artillery Park
– Insignia: Libertarian Communism
-Currency: Arenys de Mar City Council. 1 pta.
– Currency: (Entry: “CNT-FAI. workers did not vote”)
– Currency: Council Santander, Palencia, Burgos. 1 pta. 1937
– Currency: Council Santander, Palencia, Burgos. 0.50 ptas.
– Currency: Arenys de Mar Town Council. 0’50 pta.
– Currency: Olot. 10 ct.
– Currency: Spanish Republic. 1 pta.
– Currency: Government of Euzkadi. 1 pta. 1937
– Currency: Government of Euzkadi. 2 pta. 1937
– Currency: Council of Asturias and Leon. 1 pta. 1937
– Currency: Spanish Republic. 5 cents. 1937
– Currency: Spanish Republic. 10 cents. 1937
-Ticket: Barcelona tram. CNT-AIT
– Ticket: Barcelona tram. UGT-CNT
– Ticket (paper currency): 25 cents. UGT-CNT. Hijar. Colectividad workers.
– Ticket (paper currency): 5 units. CNT-FAI. Community Workers
of Binéfar (Huesca)
-Label: Pro Childhood (1936-1937)
– Stamps: “Help the rear.” 10 cents. Catalan Antifascist
-ticket: 1 Pta. Local and Regional Council. Barbastro
– ticket: 1 Pta. Municipal Council of Linares
– Tickets: 25 cents. Town of Calella. October 1937.
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council of Totana. 1937
– Tickets: 25 cents. Municipal Council Monzón. August 1937
, ticket: 25 cents. Municipal Council of Viladecans. May 1937
– Tickets: 25 cents. Municipal Council of Moià
– ticket: 1 Pta. City of Puebla de Segur. July 1937
– ticket: 1 Pta. Division 28. 126 Mixed Brigade
– Tickets: 50 cents. Division 28. 126 Mixed Brigade. 1937
– Tickets: 25 cents. City of Vilassar
– Tickets: 25 cents. City of Premia de Mar
– Tickets: 50 cents. City of Gramanet Besós. July 1937
– Tickets: 2 pta. City of Foix. May 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Reus. April 1937
– Ticket 1 pta. Municipal Council of Argentona. March 1937
– Ticket: 5 pta. Union of Cooperators of Barcelona. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. City Council of Castelldefels. April 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council of Graduate
– ticket: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Granollers. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council of Manlleu. May 1, 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council Vilassar
– ticket: 1 pta. City of Proxim
– ticket: 1 pta. Municipal Council Castellgalí. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. City of Banyoles. 1937
– Tickets: 25 cents. City of Breda. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. Lleida City Council. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. City of Mataro. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. City of Figueras. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council of Roses de Llobregat. 1937
– ticket: City of Foix. May 1937. 5 pta.
– Tickets: 25 cents. Lleida City Council. 30-6-37
– Tickets: 25 cents. Municipal Council Rocafort de Queralt. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Murcia
-ticket: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Maella. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. City of Foix. May 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. City of Vilassar
– ticket: 1 pta. Ayuntamiento de Alicante. 1938
– Tickets: 50 cents. Ayuntamiento de Alicante. 1938
– Notes: 1 pta. City of Tortosa. 1937
– Tickets: 10 cents. Municipal Council of El Vendrell. “Pro refugees”
– ticket: 50 cents. Municipal Council of the Temple
– Tickets: 25 cents. Municipal Council of Alcañiz. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. City council of Solsona. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council Cabrils. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Pi Llobregat. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Municipal Council of Olot. 1937
– Ticket: Municipal Council of Waldo. 1937. 10 ct.
– ticket: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Girona. 1937
– Tickets: 25 cents. Municipal Council of Puig Alt-Ter. 1937
– Tickets: 50 cents. Girona City Hall
– ticket: City Council of El Vendrell “Hospital”. 10 ct.
– Tickets: 25 cents. City of Balaguer. 1937-38
– Tickets: 25 cents. Town of Calella. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. City sources Sabalana 1937.
– Tickets: 50 cents. City Council of Vic. 1937
– Notes: 1 pta. Municipal Council of Vilanova. 1937
-Ticket: City of Figueres. 1937. 15 cents.
, ticket: 25 cents. Municipal Council of Totana.
, ticket: 20 cents. City Agramunt. 1937
-Ticket: 5 pta. Banco de España. 1935
, ticket: 10 pta. Banco de España. 1935
-Plate, “CNT-AIT. Beard “(red and black)
-Flag: Popular Olympiad (Olimpiada color Flag Republic and popular)
-About Surprise: Militiamen
Safety Matches CNT-AIT unico ‘Union of Chemical Industry
, Postal Card: FAI-CNT Durruti
Card-Sunset: CENU
– Postal Card: The smallest of all
Post-Card: Week of children CNT UGT Catalonia Government
, Postal Card “Restaurant No. 1 District VII Children” Catalonia Government
, Postal Card: Antifascist Militias of Catalonia 7-4-37
Post-Card Antifascist Militias of Catalonia 26-3-37.
New Iberia, Postal Card
Postal Card, you need militias.
Read Catalonia CNT-Postal Card
Postal Card, “Defending Madrid is defending Catalonia
-Card Postal: Unit Obrera CNT UGT
-Postal Card: Obrer Farmer FAI CNT
-Card CNT AIT Workshop group of plumbers and electricians.
, Card Manufacturing women’s collective No. 3
-Card Union of the Industry of the buildings, flooring and decoration
shop for furniture no 15
-Card CNT AIT Local Council of the leather industry
-Martinez Postal Card (Leader confederate)
-Poster: Buenaventura Durruti 1936 CNT FAI Guild graphic arts
poster-National Federation of Railway Industry CNT AIT
-Card: 1938 CNT AIT
-Card Family Rationing Generalitat of Catalonia
, Mujeres Card Royalty
-card company Moix LLambes colectivizada
CNT-AIT Carnet Confederal Trade Union Railway Industry
-Driving the Antifascist Militias of Catalonia 6-8-36
8-11-1938 Barcelona-Driving
-Driving Antifascist Militias of Catalonia
NGL-Card Industry Syndicate of the buildings, flooring and
decoration 1936 CNT AIT
Carnet CNT-AIT Syndicate entertainment públicos 1936
CNT AIT Carnet-1937
-1939 card CNT AIT
-Card Purchases Department of
Tierra y Libertad anarcho-communist Gracia Barcelona 37.5 x27 , 5 cm
1888 No 6 (August)
1915 No extra (24 March)
-Calendar 1937 Committee organizer blood hospital CNT AIT
-Esfuerzo 1937 (3 copies) newspaper mural
-dress dancer Flamenco with the colors of the republican flag ( 2)
Rubber-stamp of the CNT AIT clandestinidad (4)
Bando-General Miaja signed in Valencia on March 39
, Cartel Publications of the Modern school
-Poster For defenderse ATTACKS aéreos of the
Popular Front-Poster (up to a girl a banner with Homa
communist demonstration ‘)
-Poster Descubridlo denunciadlo
-Poster Purchased Estampas the Revolution
Poster-Read Books Anarchist y is a man.


WTF happened to punk? I finally got around to checking out some of the ‘punk’ bands a mate of mine has raved about and it’s just twee hippy twaddle.

e.g One Night Stand in North Dakota, a punk band or so I’m told.

Seriously? It’s just vapid, whiny pish devoid of any energy, passions or anger. Three things which, you know, kinda define punk.

Compare this

to this

or this

Another one of these ‘punk’ bands is Defiance, Ohio.

Which reminds me of this

Hardly what you could call punk.

So, this post is just an excuse to post great punk music and shout abuse at hippies calling themselves punks. 🙂

Now all the songs above are different in speed, style and so on but they are all angry, energetic and full of passion. Up the punks and

North Wales

We’re off for a field trip to North Wales this  Easter so I thought I would put together a wee taster of Welsh culture for my fellow students.

First off, accents. Now, as in Scotland, there are many and varied accents in Wales. Here is a quick guide to some of the more prominent ones.

This is a classic Welsh folk song that reflects on the harsh realities of Welsh working class life.

The next song is a ribald parody of the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song Empire State of Mind about my beloved home town of Newport, affectionately known as “The ‘port”.

Unfortunately it seems that the authors of the above tune have spent very little time in Newport due to a lack of any actual references to the town or it’s people. Thankfully an old buddy of mine replied with a more accurate version of the song.

Now, you may notice that most of the above refers to South Wales rather than North. This is because North Wales is bereft of any real form of culture and so we have to rely upon the civilised south to inform us of Welsh customs and ways. I mean, come off it, in North Wales they still point at planes and the air force have been instructed not to fly low over North Walesian settlements on account of the poor dears falling over backwards as they attempt to follow the passage of the plane over their heads. That may actually be penguins.

But a case in point. Here is a video of a ‘ufo’ in North Wales. It seems that the police even responded to this.

A Chinese paper lantern….