Achievement Unlocked

I’ve had this story, The Downfall of the Good Worker Laura McTavish, knocking around my head for a year or more now. Towards the end of last year I finally got started on it properly and then life came along and I didn’t touch it for months. Well yesterday I sat down to do a bit of work on it and the next thing I knew it was knocking on for midnight and I had hammered out 5,000 more words, it was sat at just under 3,000 when I started, and it was done. Well, it was ‘done’. It’s still rough as hell but at least the first draft is out of the way.

Now I just need to complete the first drafts of The Corpse on the Clyde: A Vignette of Empire, There Once Was a Giant Who Fell in Love With a Storm, and Prolétrange and write the first draft of The Old Crooked Track and that’s my next collection very nearly done.McT-Finished


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