Crowd Funding Success!

Not. :/

Well, that was a damp squib of a crowd funding exercise. 😀 It would probably have helped if I felt confident enough to have pimped the campaign a bit more but I feel awkward enough trying to sell the stories I’ve written let alone asking for donations from complete strangers. 😦

Ach well, I’ll leave the campaign running on the off chance that some wealthy weird fiction aficionado should stumble upon it and decide to help me replace my dead desktop with a spiffy new chromebook. Then I may be able to write without having to either use the local library or sneak into the local college with my pal’s student ID card.  Or write as much as I can in between annoying customers whilst at work -as I’m doing right now. 😀

Please sir can I have some more so that I don’t have to sell my teeth to tooth fetishists


Now Available as an ebook

Click to Buy for £1 (or more if you like)
Click to Buy for £1 (or more if you like)


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