A Couple of Things

Just a couple of wee announcements.

My wee eBook, Hinterland, is now available as an epub (LINK) for the measly price of £1. It would have originally been available in all formats but I foolishly signed up for an Amazon scheme that gave absolutely no benefits to me but prevented me from releasing the book on other platforms. I won’t be making that mistake again. The collection will also be being released in paperback via Lulu once I’ve had the chance to look over the proof copy.

Secondly, I’m working on a second, more substantial, collection of 16 stories which will hopefully be available this autumn as an eBook and regular old fashioned proper book. The working title for the collection is Sing Along With the Sad Song and the table of contents is thus:

Final March to the Beginning
For What is Sweet, and What is Right
in these ways we remember
The Downfall of the Good Worker Laura MacTavish
The Giant Who Fell in Love With a Storm
A Song of Work and Ire
The Corpse on the Clyde
May’s Story
Saint Theresa
You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next
The Cackle
The Horrible Old Man
Rotten City
On the Wasteland
Fall of the Squat of Usher

Of course, all of these titles are likely to change and some stories may be added or removed on naught but a whom of mine own. I also have an idea for the cover, what do you think? Pretty or gaudy?

sing along with the sad song front cover A5


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