Go Fund Me? Pritty Please? :)

I knew this day was coming soon. My trusty steed, my noble companion, my side kick in world of electronic adventures has finally shuffled off this mortal coil. Things were going so well for so long, we would play together on the side of the information super highway -mooning passing packets of information and occasionally hitch hiking together on wild and crazy adventures. Then a couple of months ago I noticed something of a wheeze to the old fella’s breath, no matter how much I cleaned his fan or rolled back the operating system to require less and less resources, his struggle simply to exist grew harder and harder. It killed me to see the pain he was in and so, with a tear in my eye and ice in my gut, I took him out to the fields near the brook and… 😥 no, it’s still too hard to talk about…

Well, somewhat less melodramatically, my computer had died. This makes me very, very sad as I have been getting into my stride somewhat when it comes to my writing and to be without the tool of the trade that I’m learning is bothersome -to say the least. Luckily all my work is backed up to an external hard drive and my Dropbox. What is extra bothersome is that despite all my efforts I have still not managed to find full time work since I left university last year. Seriously, a whole bloody year and nothing, nada, zip. Which means that there is no way that I can afford to replace my computer. Even if I were to land a full time job tomorrow it would likely be many months before I could put aside enough cash to pay for a new computer. Living pay cheque to pay cheque is not fun.

So, to try and remedy this situation I have set up one of them there ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign hingmies for people to be able to throw money at me, to stuff it into my skimpies along with hotel room keys and…. wait, no -that’s plan B. For people to be able to help out with getting back into the world of writing and such things.

So, if you would like to help out by donating a little it would be GREATLY appreciated and if you can’t afford it then that’s just fine but please share either this blog post or the campaign page itself as far and wide as you can. Click the image below to get taken to the campaign page.

Thanks a lot friends. 🙂

Click me to get taken to the campaign page 🙂

2 thoughts on “Go Fund Me? Pritty Please? :)

  1. Do you still own all of the rights for documents uploaded to Dropbox? They recently changed their T&Cs which made it sound a little dubious. Did you know that if JK Rwoling wrote the Harry Potter series on GoogleDocs they would own the rights to the £8 billion franchise? Dropbox seem to be going to same way. I’m not trying to scare you, but worth looking into. I now use MS Word with all of my work saved locally and backed up on a flash drive.

    Sorry to hear about the computer. Writing really does become harder without a keyboard. Good luck.


    1. So far as I’m aware you retain all intellectual property rights over any work in Google Drive. The bit of the terms of service that you may be thinking of is the bit that says you give Google the right to reproduce, modify, etc your work? That clause is subsequent to you retaining your rights and merely allows Google to publish your docs etc… when/if you make them public. So far as I’m aware.
      I’m pretty sure that the same goes for Dropbox.



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