I Made a Mistake

A whole series of mistakes actually. My first mistake was to click on a story about the UKIPs. The UKIPs, for those who don’t know, are a far right (borderline actual fascist) political party here in the UK who get an undue amount of attention from the media. I should have realised that any story about the UKIPs was going to annoy me. The next facet of mistakesville was that I clicked on a link about the UKIPs in the Daily Torygraph -a right wing bigoted shitrag that is still mourning the death of princess Diana. The FINAL part of my mistakeathon was to then go on to reading the comments on the article.

This upset me greatly and made me want to move somewhere slightly more civilised and hospitable to human life. The moon perhaps…

Thankfully a minor complaint on Crackbook caused the denizens of the blue band land to come to my aid, musically speaking with people posting some of the finest tunes from a more civilised time.


What follows is truly a fine sampling of some of the best music ever produced during the halcyon era that was 1989-1999.

And suddenly all was right with the world. 😀



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