Black Clouds over your European Indie Publishers: VATMOSS is a MESS

My good friend Paolo explains the utter mess that is the EU’s new VAT rules and how they are going to affect indie artists.

Lost Pages

tl;dr: I will probably have to stop selling PDFs from the Lost Pages shop. This might make the whole enterprise of writing RPGs and selling them on the web kind of not sustainable. If you want PDFs, get them now.

New tax regulations are about to unfold over the EU. From January 1st whoever sells digital products through an automated process to a customer in the EU must pay VAT to the country of purchase and not to the country of supply. This is done to stop shady profit-shifting companies like Amazon and Apple from selling from countries with low VAT (Luxembourg) and dodge taxes, despite having fulfilment operations in the same country as the purchaser.

The issue was partly covered by the Guardian. HMRC in the article mentions they spent effort to “publicise the changes” but I received zero notice from HMRC.

Dave Walker made a…

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