NaNoWriMo ToMoRo

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. It does for me at any rate. I’ve been in work this weekend and so I’m already just under 3,000 words behind target. I do however have every weekday afternoon for the next few weeks free so I should be able to make up for the last couple of days soon enough.

It does however mean that I probably won’t be posting on here quite as much as I ordinarily would. Not that I’m the most prolific of bloggers anyway. I will though be posting a review of my little treat to myself this week. I recently won second prize in a wee competition for a piece of flash fiction, read it here, and thought I would pick up a book I should have bought ages ago. Should have on account of being a Welshman and a Weird Fiction Freak. 🙂

Table of Contents

  • Forword – S.T. Joshi
  • Introduction – Mark Howard Jones & Steve Upham
  • What Others Hear – John Llewellyn Probert
  • The Bicycle-Centaur – Rhys Hughes
  • The Cawl of Cthulhu – Bob Lock
  • Pilgrimage – Mark Howard Jones
  • Song of Summoning – Brian Willis
  • The Necronomicon – Charles Black
  • Un-Dhu-Milhuk Would (If He Could) – Liam Davies
  • Periphery – Paul Lewis
  • Stranger Crossings – Adrian Chamberlin

I’ve only read a few of the stories so far but I’m sure I’ll have it finished in the next few days. It will make for great NaNoWriMo procrastination. 😀 The stories I’ve read so far, What Others Hear, The Bicycle Centaur, and Pilgrimage, have all been fantastic. Especially the classically Lovecraftian What Others Hear. I’m definitely going to seek out more by John Llewellyn Probert.


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