The Littlest Cthulhuist

The film maker John Hidalgo who made the short film Cthulhu’s Witnesses, which aired at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, is making another short film that looks like a good wheeze. The Littlest Cthulhuist is about a wee lass whoo, as a Cthulhu’s Witness, is getting picked on at school. It looks like it will be a giggle and they’re only looking for $3,000 to fund it over at Indiegogo.  Watch the short trailer below and then head over to the website to give them a wee bung why don’t you? $10 will get you a download of the film plus there are more bonuses for those who can donate a little bit more.

And here’s Cthulhu’s Witnesses for good measure. 🙂

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