Uzumaki – The Spiral

I posted about the Uzumaki manga by Junji Ito earlier this year and how I was hoping it would act as a kind of gateway drug for young Ms. X into the wider world of the weird. Well, that hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped, though she does adore the manga I still haven’t persuaded her to read HPL or Chambers. I don’t think this will be long coming though, I recently spotted that The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe is missing from our shelves. 🙂

Anyways! A little while ago we discovered that there was a live action version of the manga directed by Higuchinsky and last night we finally got around to watching it and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Which surprise me as the film has a very dated look and Young Ms. X has been known to scoff at anything infected with the old. Uzumaki has something of the 1960/70s Hammer Horror feel to it both in the way that the colours look both vivid and washed out simultaneously and the disjointed and hallucinogenic sensations elicited from the use of strange camera angles.

The film is, for the most part, true to the manga though in a fairly truncated form and X did say she felt let down by the  ending as it was completely different to the ending in the manga. That is a relatively minor quibble as – whilst the omitted final sections of the original manga are absolutely spectacular – the ending of the film is suitably creepy and horrific.

If you’re a fan of the weird in either literature or film then I can heartily recommend this film.



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