Europe is Under Threat!

Saw this shared on the Facebook last night and rather liked it. 🙂

It’s a rather nice response to a video posted by the Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom – Swedish Democratic Youth(SDU), the youth wing of the Swedish Democrats who, despite their name, are a far right fascist party similar to British groups like the British National Party or the UK Independence Party. Like the BNP and UKIP they are racists and homophobes who are trying to shift the blame for the current economic meltdown on to immigrants/non-whites. Yep, they’re proper classy like that.

Anyway. Here’s the original.

The lad at 0:10, rather amusingly – and fittingly, reminds me of this lad.

And, for the record, Europe is under threat but it isn’t under threat from immigrants or a plurality of cultures. It is under threat from ever increasing social and economic stratification, from climate change, and from far right groups seeking to use these things to bolster their support through promoting and creating tensions between people who should be united in their common interest.

Anyways, because I’ll take any opportunity to share good music. Have some anti-fascist and anti-racist tunes to start your day. 🙂

And yeah, yeah. I know. It’s all from the 90s. That’s because a) the 1990s were objectively the greatest years for music that the world has ever seen 😉 and b) there was a plethora a really good political bands in the 1990s and anti-racism/anti-fascism were the default positions for many people who listened to alternative music. This doesn’t seem to be quite so true today sadly. 😦 Bloody kids. 😉


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