Summertime and the Living is…

..happening elsewhere to here. 😀

It’s an absolutely glorious day and here I am in work. On a Saturday. Meh.

Hopefully it will be quiet today, it normally is when it’s really nice weather. Or when it’s really poor weather. It seems to be only when it’s a middling day that we get busy. When the weather’s good people want to be in the park or the pub beer garden; not messing about with coming to interfere with my hardcore Facebooking and Twittering. 😀 Equally, when it’s dreekit out then no one wants to leave the house.

So here’s to a blissfully sunny day where I’ll be, hopefully, getting paid to sit in the sun with tunes blasting out of the office and an Ambrose Bierce collection in my hand. 🙂

So, have some music. It’s on me so go on, knock yourselves out. 😀



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