I’m beginning to see a pattern. I turned off Facecrack for a month or so and produced a dissertation. I turned it off for an afternoon and produced a 3,700 word short story in a few hours. Hmmmm, perhaps the blue website of distractivity is a bad thing for when one wants to actually, you know, do things.

So I’ve set up my web browser, Chrome, to block me from using Facebook from 12-6 every day(aside from when I’m at my paying job) so we’ll see how that goes for the production of meaningful things. 🙂

In other productivity related news it seems that my bestie Paolo Greco has been a very busy bee of late. He’s a board game designer and has a game out called Adventure Fantasy Game(to which I am proud to have contributed a combat manoeuvre called “The Welshman’s Swift Kick to the Trousers”) which is available from his website here.

He’s in the process of producing all manner of supplements for the game, and updating the core rules on a regular basis, as well as using his mad skills to produce gorgeous boxed set editions with hand printed and stitched covers and all sorts of loveliness. If you like fantasy role playing you should totally go and buy the full set. If you don’t like fantasy role playing you should totally go and buy the full set anyway. 😛

He’s also planning on producing a version of AFG for younger people which is a fantastic idea. Anyway, go and check out his blog and buy his stuff for all your role playing pals. AFG rocks. 🙂


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