Help Fund These Lovecraftian Shorts

I really should have posted about this ages ago but it completely slipped my mind what with the whole finishing university thing. Anyway; the ever eldritch Mike Davis over at the Lovecraft Ezine is trying to bring some of the fantastic stories he has published to the small screen. He’s trying to raise $18,000 to film three stories, with more to be filmed as stretch goals, and has some cracking talent lined up including Doug Jones(who played Abe Sapien in Del Toro‘s Hellboy films) and Katie Parker who was in the creepy as all hell indie flick Absentia.

There are 10 days left, until June 2nd, of the campaign and they still need a smidge over $10k so if you can afford to I would really encourage you to head over to the project Kickstarter and pledge what you can afford.

Here’s the video for the project.


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