Words just… I… What the…?

The Daily Mail Fail is a British tabloid paper that has a long and sordid history of being a mouthpiece for the extreme right and the most reactionary and regressive elements of British society. They have long championed attacks on everyone from working people, the unemployed, the sick, single mothers, refugees, foreigners, and pretty much everyone that makes up the majority of the population of this wee island. So I’m rarely surprised when I see the latest bile to be issued from the hallowed halls of Northcliffe House. This story, however, did make me do a double take.

Daily Fail

Now, things are bad in Britain and they are getting worse. The number of people who rely on handouts of food from charities is sky rocketing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, especially with the ongoing attacks from the government in the guise of austerity measures.

The government claim that this rise in a reliance on charitable hand outs has nothing to do with their attacks on the welfare state and is due to people simply being more aware of the existence of food banks. As if people who didn’t need to would go begging to the Citizens Advice for a handout rather than just popping to the shops. Now, it seems, the Daily Fail has joined in and is trying to brand the poorest and most vulnerable of our society as scroungers. Same as they have done with the unemployed and refugees.

The journalists who wrote this piece of shit article, Simon Murphy and Sanchez Manning, are the lowest of the low. I understand that we all have to make a crust and that the world of journalism has been changing rapidly over the last few years but there is absolutely no excuse for this. How can a person claim to have even the slightest shred of humanity and think that it is acceptable to write an ‘expose’ on how a group giving away free food are somehow enabling immoral/unethical behaviour? By giving away food to the poor? It just beggars belief.

The right believe that if we just got rid of food banks then the need for them would simply disappear, rather than it would lead to families going hungry and having to choose between bills, rent, and food. Well, I think that one of the greatest philosophers of our small island, Mr L Kilmister, has a possible solution should we see the end of food banks without a rise in the standard of living for the majority of people in this country.

Here’s to the formation of the RTCEFB. The  Revolutionary Tendency for the Culinary Expropriation of the Flesh of the Bourgeoisie. 🙂


ETA: A wag on Facebook just summed this article up perfectly.

So basically one of their well paid reporters told a series of complicated lies so that he could steal food meant for starving families. Then they can’t even keep their headline consistent with the body of the article where they brag about this.

Why aren’t the Mail’s offices on fire yet?

ETA 2:  This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwJRjf2BSD4



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