Dissertation in the Bag

I’ve been working like a crazy person for a while now on this damnable tract and now it is finally complete. 11,600 words on psychogeography, chorography(see also), and the Antonine Wall with a wee bit about the Situationist International for good measure. The feeling of relief was palpable last night when I clicked “send”and fired it off to the printers(Clydeside Press btw, if you are in the west of Scotland and want stuff printed, use them. They’re awesome.) and it was finally out of my hands.

I think I’m going to take a day or two to just relax(no work until the weekend, yay!) and then I’m going to get into some serious reading. I have built up a veritable mountain of books I want to read over the last year or so. Now I can begin, the only problem is. Where do I start? Options paralysis!!!!

It also means that I’ll be able to get started on honing my fiction writing skills. I have one unfinished story, The Hermit and The Orphan, that I want to get done and about 30 ideas for short stories/novellas. Fun times!

Here are some of the images I took on the field work for my dissertation, ones that didn’t make it into the document itself. Hope you like them. 🙂

20140401_145821 20140401_145844 20140401_152429 20140401_152615 20140401_152754 20140401_153158 20140401_160110 2012-10-10_13-29-01_HDR 2012-10-10_13-40-44_HDR 2012-10-10_15-29-00_HDR 2012-10-10_15-40-39_HDR 2012-10-10_15-41-44_HDR 20121010_134834 20121010_155026 20121010_160059


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