The Comedy Bigot!

I discovered a whole new category of Facebooker today. I’ve not been using Facecrack for a while as I’m really snowed under with Uni work(3 days til my dissertation is to be handed in, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!) but I had to log in after my partner, C, pointed this out to me. Her Ma had posted a wee rant about the Royal Family wanting to exterminate all badgers for… well.. reasons and so there was a brief conversation about how utterly awful the Royal Family are, which they are, when all of a sudden some random pops up and decided to bring immigrants into it. To a bit of a collective

I mean, people were discussing Bovine TB(the reason for the Royal bloodlust) and all of a sudden some plum is trying to blame immigrants. This kinda tickled me as the image I had in my head was of a bunch of people sat around a table discussing something completely unrelated to immigrants when some wee pinhead pops up and simply says “immigrants” before scuttling off chuckling that they had done their bit to keep Britain British(or some such nonsense). I’m sure that in other situations other comedy bigots will likely try and randomly bring up homosexuality, teh wimminz, or whatever else floats their particular bigotry boat. It’s the randomness that amuses me. 😀

Anyway, I found it funny so I thought I would share. 🙂



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