Junji Ito

I recently discovered the manga of Junji Ito. He writes spectacularly weird and horrifying tales that would not be out of place sitting just after a certain HPL on your bookshelves. I first heard of him when Weird Fiction Review reviewed his epic Uzamaki series which centres around a small town infested with spirals. I bought Uzamaki for X, the youngest of the Family Strange, last Christmas as she absolutely loves manga and I absolutely adore weird fiction. So I thought here was something we could both enjoy and that might act as a gateway drug to stranger literary fiction for her. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, university, work, blah, blah(is that the world’s smallest violin I hear?) have gotten in the way. X did however really love it and, from her description, it sounds gorgeously grotesque.

Thankfully not all of Ito’s work is so long and I have actually managed to find a couple of pieces online.

Thing That Drifted Ashore is a short tale about a sea creature that washes up on a beach and the terror of the unknown deep sea. Click the image below to be taken to part one, I believe that there is a second chapter to the story but I haven’t read it yet.


Link to full story


I also found The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Following an earthquake a fault line in the side of a mountain opens up revealing a series of holes shaped like people which exert a weird draw on certain individuals.

Link to full comic


Enjoy. 🙂



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