Ideas, Ideas, Everywhere…

…but bugger all time to write.

I’m ever so slightly snowed under with work for university right now, says he who is procrastinating on WordPress, but I am inundated with a steady stream of ideas for tales. Meaning that I’ve no sooner started showing due diligence towards my dissertations than I have a thought pop into my head and I have to open Google Keep to jot it down lest it be lost to the vagaries of my addled memory. Hopefully when my final dissertation is submitted, 10 days and(terrifyingly) counting, I should have a wealth of material to write from.

One interesting thing that I have noticed about the many, many, ideas that I have jotted down over the last month or so is that the vast majority of them end with the words ‘hijinks ensue’. I basically have a fully formed story idea right up to the point that the narrative diverges into the fantastic and absolutely no idea what comes next. It will certainly be fun finding out exactly what I’m going to subject my poor, poor characters to when I have the time.


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