Final Hurrah

This next 6-8 weeks are my final hurrah at university so my posting here is liable to be even more sporadic than it has been so far. I have a dissertation and a half to write over the next five weeks. One is 12-15000 words on psychogeography and archaeology and the other, the half, is 4000 words on the Late Bronze Age crisis and collapse. Following that I have three exams and that’s me done. Four, well five if you count my year out, years of fannying about at university as a mature student trying to avoid the utter clusterfuck that is the global economy.

Clusterfuck. I like that word.

So I thought, as I’m going to be more absent than usual, I would leave some of music here. Some of the songs that I’ll be using to try and retain what is left of my sanity following the next couple of months academ-a-thon.

Hope you enjoy.


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