WTF happened to punk? I finally got around to checking out some of the ‘punk’ bands a mate of mine has raved about and it’s just twee hippy twaddle.

e.g One Night Stand in North Dakota, a punk band or so I’m told.

Seriously? It’s just vapid, whiny pish devoid of any energy, passions or anger. Three things which, you know, kinda define punk.

Compare this

to this

or this

Another one of these ‘punk’ bands is Defiance, Ohio.

Which reminds me of this

Hardly what you could call punk.

So, this post is just an excuse to post great punk music and shout abuse at hippies calling themselves punks. 🙂

Now all the songs above are different in speed, style and so on but they are all angry, energetic and full of passion. Up the punks and

3 thoughts on “Punk?

  1. another old bastard bemoaning ‘the youth of today’ cos he heard two shite songs. course there’s still angry as fuck shit out there. stop being such a speccy shtoodent cunt and find some of it :-p


  2. Punk isn’t this one thing though. Punk is an ideology as much as a genre, just because it doesn’t sound like The Sex Pistols or obviously angry doesn’t mean it isn’t punk. And even if we are taking your definition of punk there is still loads of it about, you just have to look a bit harder.


    1. But if punk is stripped of the music then it isn’t punk. It’s like saying that apples are oranges. There are many different flavours of punk, hardcore, ska, street, oi, crust and so on. But effete hippy folk isn’t one of those flavours.
      I know that there is plenty of decent punk about, New Inner Terrestrials album soon wahey, but I’m more puzzled over why these hippy kids seem to think they’re punk or why they get described as punk



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