North Wales

We’re off for a field trip to North Wales this  Easter so I thought I would put together a wee taster of Welsh culture for my fellow students.

First off, accents. Now, as in Scotland, there are many and varied accents in Wales. Here is a quick guide to some of the more prominent ones.

This is a classic Welsh folk song that reflects on the harsh realities of Welsh working class life.

The next song is a ribald parody of the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song Empire State of Mind about my beloved home town of Newport, affectionately known as “The ‘port”.

Unfortunately it seems that the authors of the above tune have spent very little time in Newport due to a lack of any actual references to the town or it’s people. Thankfully an old buddy of mine replied with a more accurate version of the song.

Now, you may notice that most of the above refers to South Wales rather than North. This is because North Wales is bereft of any real form of culture and so we have to rely upon the civilised south to inform us of Welsh customs and ways. I mean, come off it, in North Wales they still point at planes and the air force have been instructed not to fly low over North Walesian settlements on account of the poor dears falling over backwards as they attempt to follow the passage of the plane over their heads. That may actually be penguins.

But a case in point. Here is a video of a ‘ufo’ in North Wales. It seems that the police even responded to this.

A Chinese paper lantern….


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