Bob Miller

So the new year is about to dawn and I’m in a maudlin mood thinking back on the last 12 months. Many a wonderful thing has happened. Friends have gotten married, babies have been born and all sort of joyous things have occurred but they are unfortunately overshadowed by the passing of my good friend and comrade Bob Miller. I should have written this months ago when he passed but grief is a strange thing and even now I find it difficult to write these words.

Bob was a true treasure. Something that is rare to find in any society. He managed to be a father, husband(a partnership with his wonderful wife Sally), teacher and revolutionary without missing a step. It was all part and parcel to Bob. At no point did he divide his political work from his daily life, to him looking after his kids in the class room, loving and supporting his kids at home and working towards building a better world were one and the same. Or so it seems to me.

In Bob’s passing the world has lost a tremendous amount. More than losing an artist, a philosopher or a great inventor it has lost a person who was all of these things and more. Words alone cannot express how much I miss Bob. I miss our telephone conversations about matters within the AF. I miss the way he was always looking for the best in people. The way that… I miss Bob. I miss his way with people, his way of cutting through your bullshit when you were angry, his honesty and his love for the people around him. I’ll always miss you Bob.

I know he was never exactly a punk and Rocky Horror was more his style but I think he would appreciate this.

Miss you comrade.

2 thoughts on “Bob Miller

  1. This is the way I feel about Bob passing too. I think there are many, many people who do. Thank you for posting it.
    Kind regards,



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