Balfarg Neo-Neolithic Complex

A couple of months ago, as part of a course on Landscape Archaeology, we went on a field trip to Balfarg in Glenrothes, Fife. Balfarg is an interesting place as here a Neolithic site was incorporated into the design and layout of a modern, late 70’s, housing development.  As well as the circle incorporated into the housing development there is also a fumerary complex, no longer extant above ground, that lies next to the A92 which has been ‘recreated’ with old telegraph poles and a stone circle that was moved as it lay on the original planned route of the A92.

We went to Balfarg to get a sense of the conflict between modern and ancient landscapes. To this end we had to produce a report on the trip and our thoughts concerning the site/s. Me being me I went all left field and submitted an html document incorporating a music video and about 1,000 words of text.

I’ll not put the text here as I don’t like the idea of posting graded work online. But here’s the video I made which will hopefully give some sense of the experience of visiting Balfarg. It runs from me leaving home in the south of Glasgow through the trip to and around the complex and ends as we’re crossing the Forth Road Bridge on the way back(when the batteries on my camera phone ran out).

(Probably best to watch in full screen rather than this wee one)


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