Leona Lewis, You What?

When I was younger I was a massive fan of Nine Inch Nails after I first heard the Broken and Fixed E.Ps when I was about 14. They helped me get through that really shitty adolescent period know as the teenage years. Whilst I don’t listen to them anywhere near as often as I used to they hold a very special place in my black and cankerous heart. 😉 For that reason I was quite shocked, and felt a wee bit sick to tell the truth, when I saw this posted by a friend on Facebook.

I’m almost lost for words. Obviously not quite otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. How did she even think that this was a good idea? She has taken a song that is full of passion and pain and stripped it of any emotion or feeling and turned it into a vapid husk of a song.

Its not that I’m against people doing covers of songs that I love. Johnny Cash did an amazingly emotional and poignant cover shortly before he died.

But the Leona Lewis has just taken something that was very special for me and pissed all over it. Twat. Let’s hope she takes some inspiration from Johnny Cash.

How the song is meant to sound

Well, if it could be done for Rage Against the Machine let’s do it for Nine Inch Nails. Baws to having another X-Factor number one. Let’s get Hurt to the top of the charts.

Nine Inch Nails Hurt for Christmas Number 1



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