Why I Won’t Be Wearing a Poppy

Armistice/Remembrance Day is fast approaching and as usual we will have the great and good wearing their blood red poppies to show how much they respect the fallen of the great wars and how much they support ‘our’ troops.

I place the ‘our’ in quote marks like that as I seriously doubt that any of the pricks we see on our TV screens live anywhere near a working class area, from where young girls and guys are recruited. It is quite easy to support military action when it’s not your friends and family that risk coming home crippled or worse.

I used to wear a poppy at this time of year as I have a number of friends that are or were in the military, thankfully none have been injured or killed, and I think that the symbolism of the poppy is actually a fairly potent anti-war symbol. Even if that was not the intent of John McCrae when he wrote In Flanders Fields.

However of recent years the poppy appeal, the aim of which is to raise funds to support war veterans and their families, has been subverted in order to lend support for whichever war is currently being waged by whichever flavour of bastards currently rules the roost in the Houses of Parliament. Politicians wear their poppies with pride whilst gladly sending more young people out to kill or be killed in order to protect the interests of the parasitic minority who leech off our…. okay. I’ll not go into a rabble rousing rant here but you know what I mean.

I don’t know, maybe it has always been used to prop up support for wars waged by politicians. It just seems to have become all the more obvious and odious over the last decade or so.

It also seems to be a part of the increasing militarisation of our culture that, I feel, is a reaction by the ruling class to the increasing unpopularity of the various wars they are waging in Iraq and Afghanistan. We now have ‘Armed Forces Day’ as a national holiday and ‘Help for Heroes’ on X-Factor. Surely ‘helping heroes’ should be the responsibility of the shit heads who sent them to be maimed in the first place?

I find this extremely troubling. And rather upsetting. To see young people spoon fed this military bullshit and to have any who oppose it accused of being ‘against our troops’ by the very cunts who are putting our friends, family and neighbours in harms way.

So I won’t be wearing a poppy this year.

If any of you do feel the need to wear a poppy this year then I would recommend a white poppy in order to remember the war to end wars and to snub those that refused to let that be so.

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One thought on “Why I Won’t Be Wearing a Poppy

  1. Agree with your points. I’m proactively telling people about the white poppy and what it symbolises. Once they know, most have asked for one because they recognise the issues and don’t feel comfortable with them.



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