A Song of Ice and Fire

I’m presently working my way through A Song of Ice and fire at, seemingly, break necking pace. I’ve read Clash of Kings*, Steel and Snow and am half way through Blood and Gold over the last six weeks or so. I have to say the series is fantastic. It carries with it all the intrigue that you expect from reading the tales of classical antiquity, the machinations in both republican and imperial Rome.

I can understand why some folk don’t enjoy the series mind you. I have seen complaints that ‘nothing happens’ in the books. I would have to counter that plenty happens but the story is not forced into a climatic showdown between good and evil. In fact the characters are all shades of grey, even the child characters. This makes for extremely interesting reading as characters you should, were the book written in a tradition fantasy style, despise such as Tyrion Lannister become sympathetic and characters that would normally be rooted for, such as Catelyn Stark, lose your sympathy on a regular basis.

I recommend that anyone who enjoyed the TV show or that enjoys reading of the political machinations of ancient Rome should get stuck into this series.

That said, this cartoon does describe how I have been reading A Storm of Swords(Books 3.1 and 3.2).


2 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. Lol, that cartoon strip is the perfect example of how I reacted to the books at least 2 or 3 times. Its as if I feel that if I read fast enough there will be some great moment of redemption/retribution waiting to make up for that. And while it didn’t come when I wanted it to it seems like it is fast approaching particularly int he next book. ‘The Winds of Winter’ I hope that it won’t take to long to finish.



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