End of the Free Hetherington

The occupation of the Hetherington Research Club came to an end yesterday after 7 months and plenty of drama and lulz. I made this wee video for the folks involved.

The occupation of the Hetherington Research Club, a post-grad and mature students facility closed by management in 2010, by students at the University of Glasgow is the longest running student sit-in in British history. Initially occupied in protest at the raft of cuts to courses proposed by the universities Senior Management Group the occupation quickly mutated into a space for organising resistance to cuts faced by communities off campus as well as on.
After 7 months of constant occupation that had seen the building evicted and, following a swift occupation of the university senate’s offices, reoccupied and seen events, workshops, talks and lectures happening nearly every single day the occupiers decided to call it a day.
Having secured promises from the university that none of the occupiers would face any kind of disciplinary measures and that there would be a new post-grad/mature students facility opened asap the doors of the Free Hetherington closed for the last time at midday on August 31 2011.


Music: Strike! Occupy! Resist!(Flapsandwich remix) by Cosmo


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