Day 1 at SERF field school


So, we arrived at Strathallen school where we will be staying for the duration of the field school. Posh isn’t the word, though the he’s rooms kinda remind ne of a prison cell. :/
After a getting settled in we were given the obligatory housekeeping talk and we were away to see where we will be digging.
The project this year is divided between the main dig at Forteviot and a Hill Fort site slightly farther afield. This afternoon we were just shown the Forteviot site. We opened four trenches today. Two in the former church manse, one in the churchyard and a final trench over the lane from the church in a field of nettles.
The aim of these trenches is to explore the extent of the late medieval settlement of Forteviot and to hopefully find the royal palace of Kenneth Macalpin the first king of Scotland.
I wound up working on a trench in the old manse. As you can see from the photo we’ve opened a 5 meter by five meter trench and have just finished taking the top soil off. Back bright and early tomorrow to get digging. 🙂


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