I’ve just gotten back from a long weekend in Oban with my partner and our friend and her dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere quite as twee as this in my entire life. And by twee I don’t mean rather lame indie pop but this

OK, so that’s actually by Loch Lomond on the way to Oban but you get the picture. Maybe I’ve just been living in the grey post-industrial, post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Glasgow for too long.

Come shopping on Glasgow's famous Buchanan Street

Aside from it raining almost every day we found some amazingly beautiful spots to walk and/or get dragged around by Sally’s hounds of hell amazingly well behaved wee dogs.

We visited Loch Nell, though I never got to see the remains of the crannog there 😦 , and found a beach that had more shells than anywhere else I’ve ever seen. It was seriously like some kind of crustacean genocide had taken place.

Then there was the Glen Dubh forest walk which, at times, was like trekking across the forest moon of Endor. Huuuuge Scot’s Pine trees and dramatic ravines.

Soooooo pretty!

The ewok village is just up there

 The highlight of the weekend however was when we discovered how extortionate the ferry to Mull is. It was going to cost us £83 for the three of us and the car and so we beat a hasty retreat from the ferry port and decided to find somewhere on the mainland to walk the dogs. Driving a mile or so south of town we parked up by the sea to give the dogs their exercise and stumbled across a tiny wee ferry to the island of Kerrera.

Kerrera is a beautiful island just off the coast that is absolutely chock full of sheep, cows and the biggest bull in the world…

Well, he seemed like the biggest bull in the world when we were walking the dogs past him O_O

 There is also a parrot sanctuary… on the west coast of Scotland…

Being an archaeology nerd the best part of the island had to be Gylen Castle on the west coast of the island. The castle dates from the 16th century and was mostly destroyed by royalists in the 17th. The main castle has been mostly restored and is open to visitors. What caught my eye however was this.

Kudos if you spotted what this is. It’s a series of small walls. 😀 This is the remains of the inner keep walls which have not been restored and are now just a series of lumps in the sheep gnawed grass. Having pointed this out to the others and having explained to them something about how to look out for the remains of man made structures Sally got quite excited to spot the remains of an old sheiling.

The views from the cliffs of Kerrera (is it just me or does that sound like the title of a folk song?) were also spectacular.

The approach to Gylen Castle
Gyle Castle staircase
The wee ferry

One thought on “Holiday!!1!

  1. Looks like an awesome trip, I wish I had more of an inclination to do these things. Maybe if some wild lassie from these fair lands tames me it may indeed happen! Nice pics too (Badgey)



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