The Point, They Missed It

So, in Austria a guy called Niko Alm decided to make a point about a religious exemption with regards photographs on drivers licenses. In general one isn’t allowed to wear anything on your head or that may cover you face in your drivers license photo. Unless that is you’re a bit mental can claim that your religion demands that you wear some particular item of clothing or other. This is of course rather absurd. 

Mr Alm therefore decided that his religion of Pastafarianism was just as valid as the belief in Bronze Age deities and that it demanded that he wear a caulender on his head. And, after a psychiatric assesment*, he was granted the right to wear the device in his photograph.

A funny wee way of highlighting the absurdity of allowing people to be able to claim exemptions based on their particular superstitions. However it seems that not all people quite understand the humour here. America, surprise, conservative blog Liberty Reborn seems to think that Mr Alm was actually being serious and that he was claiming that atheism is a religion. A spectacular case of missing the point entirely. 😀

*I wonder if they give a similar test to others claiming this exemption…

5 thoughts on “The Point, They Missed It

  1. You baby killing pieces of shit ! abortion is wrong period your the c**ts it isn’t the woman’s choice the only rights involved are those of the child. 85 percent of the UK would ban it if there was a referendum tomorrow with the exception of rape and 65 percent whole hog just like in the USA. This law was passed without and against the will of the people like most social laws from you left wing elitists by that cocksucker Roy Jenkin. Oh by the way marriage is between a man and a woman,
    I’ve no problem with civil partnerships but if you try to force gay marriages into the churches the people will rise up and crush you even sooner it’s our religion you are trying to oppressive our rights by doing this so hands off it. In spite of your cowardice, lies, weakness. cruelty and fantasies you cannot escape the indisputable and inescapable truth and fact that from the moment of conception there is life and as the Great Ronald Reagan said this human being is entitled to “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

    Another thing how dare you claim to speak for women, most women and that’s all those with a shred of decency and who aren’t selfish nasty slags like the women here wouldn’t dream of even thinking about harming an innocent human being. Your corrupt, twisted and satanic movement is illegal in most countries in the world including western Europe despite the rubbish that your politically correct propaganda machines put out and is losing the war everywhere especially recently in America. This of course is happening in the UK to though very slowly compared to elsewhere with the election in 2010 with record numbers of pro life mp’s being elected often against pro abortionist trash like yourselves. Many of those in that list you mentioned your own words who oppose abortion are women so you completely contradict yourselves when you say you speak for women.

    So finally the day is coming when not only will we win and ban abortion for goods but each one of you who’s tried it the slags, those bastard doctors and the stupid losers who have supported it will be hunted down one by one and brought to justice. The reason why we will win is because we have truth on our side and deep down you know it, because the truth will ultimately prevail. This is the worst kind of murder and you are scum.


  2. Wow, Christian fail there Neil. And an internet fail. If you’re going to comment on the content of a blog post it’s better to post below the actual post you are commenting on. I assume you are referring to this post
    So 85% of people in the UK want abortion banned? Assuming that the remaining 15% of the population are split evenly that means that only 7.5% of the female population of the UK have ever needed to access these services. Which I think you will find is rubbish.
    You’re blaming Roy Jenkins for the ills of the country? Because he legalised love between people of the same sex, like it needed legalising – it’s love ya fud, because he did away with the beating of children by teachers and because he allowed women control over their own bodies?
    Seriously Neil, you should probably move to The Arab Emirates. You would probably fit in better there than in Nottingham.


  3. “the people will rise up and crush you”

    “wouldn’t dream of even thinking about harming an innocent human being”

    I always find it amusing how “pro” abortionists (I think you mean pro-choice there Neil) find it so much easier to make their points without threatening the people they’re arguing with. It’s almost like Christians are massive, massive hypocrites.


  4. Red Baron, your name will mean something once i find you a beat you to death with my used tampons. The majority of women have had abortions, i include your mum (alas, i fear she aborted the wrong fetus) and any female relatives and friends. You wanna talk hate about women, publish you name and address, and me and the sisters (i ain’t talking about no nuns btw) will come round and fucking eviscerate you.



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